Acts 20:24, New International Version “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lo

Acts 20:24, New International Version
“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

My Youth Mission Part Two

The first three months of my time with YWAM was called lecture phase. Every week, Monday through Friday we had classes from 9-330, with breaks and lunch. Every week was a new topic.

With every week my mind was blown at how many things I didn’t know about who Jesus was, how much He loves me, and all the needs of people in the world. I grew in knowledge of who our God is. I experienced a lot of healing from the things of my past and so much freedom in the love of Christ.

The week that says missions was one of the most life changing weeks for me. That week we drove to Kansas City, Missouri for the Flood and the Send. The flood is a big convention that leads up to the send which is a big event that takes place in arrowhead stadium encouraging young people to go to the nations and take part in the wide spread of the gospel across the world. During The flood, our DTS School as well as some of the staff from COS took part in an amazing week of serving and spreading the love of God across Kansas City.

Over two hundred sixty outreach groups throughout the week participated in some kind of service ministry, whether it was going to homes and praying for people, picking up trash or doing work projects at their homes, or sharing the gospel with kids in the skate parks. It was incredible hearing so many testimonies about what the Lord had done that week.

Why I say this was my favorite week is because this was the week that completely changed the trajectory of my life. It was one of the nights during the flood at one of the evening sessions that God put it on my heart that He was going to send me to the nations. A woman was praying on stage, and she spoke out about how there was a girl in the back tent that has had a call of missions on her life since she was a young girl and God was saying to Go! I don’t think that what she prayed out was specifically for me, but the Holy Spirit used what she said to speak to my heart and right there I fell to my knees and told God that I want to do whatever He wants me to do and that I will answer the call to missions.

From that moment I felt like a huge door had just been unlocked for me to open and discover. I finally had discovered what God had been pressing on my heart for so long! I knew I loved to travel and since my mission’s trip to Brazil in 2018, I had always wanted to go back for more. I began to understand and see how all my life had been preparing me for this moment and the things to come. After this week, every topic was more exciting and answered the many questions I had.

During lecture phase we would have Monday night ministry, Wednesday morning worship and prayer, as well as Wednesday evening evangelism. Wednesday evenings we would get together in what we call the ballroom where worship and corporate meetings take place, and we would ask the Lord where we should go to evangelize. These moments were always so powerful. We often would go to a town called Manatu springs. Let’s just say, this town is not a place your average “Christian” would go to hang out. God did so many things in this town, we were given so many opportunities to pray for people. I was able to lead a homeless woman to Jesus and prayed for healing over her hands because she had been struggling with arthritis.

I am very grateful for this season of my life. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, found healing in so many areas of my life and discovered the calling that God has placed on my life! There are so many stories I could share, but I will have written a book by the time I tell all of them.

Please come back next week to read part three of my testimony.

Shared By: Rachel Wittenmyer
Oct 22nd 2022 His Testimony Article
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