AUGUST 22 MONDAY “YOU CAN SAY “YES” TO GOD” Dear Heavenly “FATHER” Saying “Yes” to Your Will has Your Children in a Battle between



Dear Heavenly “FATHER” Saying “Yes” to Your Will has Your Children in a Battle between Our World and Your Will for Us Lord. I Know that Seeking You Lord Won’t Erase the Difficulties Ahead that We Face Everyday. Lord, Our World Continues to Feed Us Negativity and Leads Us in the Wrong Direction. I Remember for Me that There are Times When I Have Strayed Away from the Lord. Sometimes We Feel Discouraged and Full of Doubts, We Should Never Fear For “GOD” is Right Here by Your Side. God is Always Willing to Calm the Storms, Fears, Prayers and Restore Our Soul. The Quality of Life Depends on Us, Say “YES” To the Lord to Fulfill your Destiny or Say “NO” To Him, Than We Must Deal with the Consequences of the Uncertainties of Our Fallen (WORLD) We Live in. We Should Choose Wisely Our Direction, Our Lives Will Change in a (POSITIVE) or (NEGATIVE) Direction. It’s Not Easy to Turn Down The Temptation Of The (Glamore) and (Glitz) Of Things We Are Told. The American Dream That People Come to (THE UNITED STATES) For, Can it Still be Achieved? “GOD” Gave Us Minds to (Achieve) Things That We Thought Was Impossible. We Need to Be More Confident in Ourselves and Our Abilities, There is “GREATNESS” in All of Us. Tap into your “GIFTS”🎁 That You Are Blessed WIth. If You Don’t Know All of your “GIFTS”🎁 Ask the “LORD” to Show You Them. I Changed my Will for God’s Will, And Repent Daily.

A Word for Today: Lord Help Us Make the Right Path for Our Lives. There is so Much Temptation in Our World, We Lose Site of You Lord. I don’t Want to Listen to My Peers or Others in What to do With My Life. I Will Continue to Seek You in Everything I Do. I Trust You Lord to Help Us on Our Journey in Life. May You All Receive this Inspiration family in His Holy “JESUS CHRIST” Amen.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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    Amen thank you Jesus


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