DANGERS IN MATERIALISM, Culled From Dipo Toby Alakija Drama Message Book Titled: An Agreement With Spirit Of Death SCENE ONE A (Pastor stands in fron

DANGERS IN MATERIALISM, Culled From Dipo Toby Alakija Drama Message Book Titled: An Agreement With Spirit Of Death
(Pastor stands in front of the congregation, teaching the word of God.)
PASTOR: … When the devil decides not to pay attention to you, it means you are not doing something worth his attention or you are not doing the right thing, especially the thing that has to do with eternal life. You will always have his attention, however, if you are effective in the expansion of the kingdom of God. The more aggressive you are in reaching out to souls, the more he will attack you. For this reason Christians cannot afford to be materialistic or feel comfortable in this world. The Bible talks about the enemies of mankind in Ephesians 6:12 saying, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places…. (He looks round at the people.) … This passage reminds me of the dream I had shortly after I started going through lots of challenges that threatened so many things about my life…
(Black Spirit and two other demons are in the dark, discussing.)
BLACK SPIRIT: … This Pastor called Jude is causing problem in our kingdom. We’ve tried everything we can, including using money and women to bring him down but we could not. So we need someone close to him who we can use to destroy him once and for all.
1st DEMON: We can go though his materialistic wife.
2nd DEMON: Yes, we can use his wife.
BLACK SPIRIT: (nods thoughtfully.) That is a good idea. His wife is truly materialistic. We can use her weakness to get at him. If we do that, at least, we would be able to divert the fund for his ministry to materialism even if we are unable to entirely destroy him.
PASTOR: I need to point out here that the devil has or knows how to get information about each of us. So he knows the best way to attack us through our weaknesses. (He pauses briefly.) I shared this revelation with my wife…
(Pastor sits with Pelu on the couch, talking.)
PASTOR: … Honey, I have to share something I received from the Lord with you…
PELU: Oh! I was thinking of telling you something important also.
PASTOR: You can first tell me yours before I tell you the dream.
PELU: Okay. I was thinking it is a good idea if you give me the money brother James gave you. I need to add it to my capital in my business. I can return it later if you want me to do that.
PASTOR: (looks puzzled.) The money belongs to the Church!
PELU: And so what? Are you not the Pastor and founder of the Church?
PASTOR: What If the people ask me of the money, what do I tell them?
PELU: You’ll tell them you’ve use it and you’ll give them later. That is all you need to tell them.
PASTOR: Sorry, I can’t do that. In fact the revelation God gave me has to do with money.
PELU: Well, tell me then …
PASTOR: God revealed it to me that the kingdom of darkness is aware of your materialistic way of life.
PELU: (looks annoyed.) And you expect me to believe you didn’t make that up?
PASTOR: … Since the day I told her about the dream, we were always having conflicts. I tried all I could to tolerate her because I knew she was not her real self…
(Pelu stands in front of Pastor who sits on the couch, looking at each other with annoyance.)
PASTOR: … You wouldn’t tell me all the money you have been taking from me is for food alone, would you? I know about all the cloths and other unnecessary things you are buying for yourself and the children at the expense of the ministry.
PELU: (flares up.) Wait a minute! Where the hell is that coming from?
PASTOR: Guess what! You are right! All your ideas are coming from the pit of hell. If you don’t repent of this attitude, you will wind up where the ideas come from. (He stands up to leave but she pushes him back to the couch.)
PELU: You need a reply to that, Pastor Holier-Than Thou! (He gets up again and leaves the room.) Look at him, irresponsible man who cannot provide for his own house.
PASTOR: … It becomes my duty as a Pastor and her husband to intercede on her behalf instead of using hammer and chisel to reshape her attitude, which made matter worse, I went into three days fasting and prayers for her. On the fourth day, she had a revelation about her spiritual condition and about the place she would end up her life if she continues with that kind of attitude.…
(Pelu lies on the couch, sleeping and having dream.)
(The Dream)
(Pelu wanders round the bush with heavy load on her head, looking confused.)
PELU: … Honey, where are you? Please, don’t leave me alone here… (She walks and looks round, looking frightened. After a while, she meets an old man, walking towards her direction.)
OLD MAN: Good afternoon, Pelu. Where are you going with this heavy load on your head?
PELU: My husband and I were going to the city of joy and peace when I suddenly lost him.
OLD MAN: You didn’t lose him. He is the one who lost you. That load on your head is what took you away from him. He warned you several times that the load will take you to where you didn’t expect. By the way, what do you have inside the load?
PELU: They are items we shall need in the city of joy and peace.
OLD MAN: Really? Open it and let us see what is inside. (She puts the load down and opens it. It is full of debris like rags, dirty papers, empty cans and other useless items.)
PELU: (looks shocked.) Is this what I had been labouring to acquire?
OLD MAN: That’s it, my daughter. You can’t follow the right way with this kind of load unless you drop it and retrace your steps back. Then you will find your husband waiting for you where you left him …
(Pelu wakes up with a start. She begins to cry, pray and sing.)
PELU: Oh, Lord, I am very sorry for all I have done to you …. I am saying forgive me, Jesus… (Pastor enters the sitting room, pauses for a while before he goes to her.)
PASTOR: What is wrong, honey?
PELU: (goes to kneel in front of him.) Please, honey, find it in your heart to forgive me all I have done to you. I just saw myself… (She continues to sing as Pastor waves his hands in the air with joy.)
PASTOR: … It is devil who always creates the cravings for comfort zones in so many Christians, using materialism to lure them away from the right part like my wife. For this reasons, the Bible says in 1 John 2:15 that we should not love the world or the things inside it. It also says in 2 Timothy 2:4 that no one engaged in warfare entangles himself with affair of his life. I pray that the Lord will see us through battles of life in Jesus’ name …


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