ELEVENTH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: WEDNESDAY Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 “Make certain, you do not perform your religious duties in public so that peop

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18
“Make certain, you do not perform your religious duties in public so that people will see what you do. If you do these things publicly, you will not have any reward from your Father in Heaven. (So here we need to know that Jesus was drawing the examples from the religious authorities, scribes and the Pharisees, because they were focusing on outward appearances and observances while their hearts were far away from God. We need to know that the activities, in the passions and desires of our hearts are only known fully by God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. All things in Jesus Christ are pointing to the Blessed Trinity and God the Father had given Jesus Christ the fullness of His Authorities and Powers over the human race from Adam and Eve till those born before the End of Time. Therefore as God the Father trusts, respects and honors His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of Man born of Mary, so we could see that God the Father will draws the conclusions from His Son, final says on each of us in the Kingdom of God on earth.
Therefore whatever religious obligations and duties of devotions, pieties and acts of charities towards others, we need to know that we are before God our Father through Jesus Christ as what others say or thinks, do not really matter because we are doing these for God, His Kingdom and our souls. We are all to acts with love, charities, devotions and pieties toward what are set apart from common use of these world, these included human beings consecrated by God so anointed with the Holy Spirit, so they are God’s Presence through Christ as the Spirit of Christ takes flesh in our bodies consecrating us to be temples of the Holy Spirit. We are to show reverend and respect to the House of Worship on earth, because these buildings are set apart from buildings of common and earthly used as the Spirit of God is in the Tabernacle of the Churches on earth, so if these churches do not have tabernacles, then these places too are consecrated and set aside from common use, as the Spirit of God is presence in the communities of those who are filled with the Spirit of Christ are gathering regularly to worship, praise, honor and glorify God. So these buildings including things that are set apart from common use need to be treated with reverend as the Spirit of God will inspires pieties within the hearts, souls and human spirits of human beings.
These included religious duties and obligations, which these would be obviously and outwardly seen by human beings, but we are not to show off these honors, respects and worships we have for God, but these are merely for all human beings that God set apart from the children of this world and we need to draw inspirations from those who honor, respect and worship God with the entireties of their bodies, where they could be drawn by the Spirit of Christ to worship in Truth and Spirit so as their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit they will moved according to the Spirit of Christ so as the saints in Heaven worshipped God in the fullness of their beings, so too the saints-to-be on earth will be moved by the Spirit of Christ to worship the Father with their words, gestures and their whole beings will swing to the movement of the Holy Spirit. If we could see mystics of Christ on earth, we could know how the saints in Heaven worshipped the Father through Jesus Christ. These are not for show in order to prove to others that we are good, pious and holy, but these were gestures, words and movements of the Spirit of Christ within our bodies.)
“So when you give something to a needy person, do not make a big show of it, as the hypocrites do in the houses of worship and on the streets. They do it so that people will praise them. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. (Here we need to know that when we give something to needy people, we need to know that the Spirit of Christ need to be the One who inspires us to hand over goods to the needy because we know that Christ chooses to be identified with the poor and needy, so He is the One who gives us the resources, be these money, time and energy in order that we imitate and move according to the Spirit of Christ within our bodies. So as we are merely instruments of God through Christ to pass what God gives to us to others, our rewards would be when we see smiles on the Face of God in Jesus Christ and that would be enough as we need to please God alone and the rest will be His Business, because children of God will receive their shares of God’s Rewards that had been given to Christ Jesus, so all those drawn into the Body of Christ are residing in the Kingdom of God, as temples of the Holy Spirit where the Spirit of Christ and His Glories filled the temples of our bodies and our hearts will be consecrated and set apart by God through Christ to be tabernacles in union with the Tabernacle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.
If we are not focusing on God and do not have the Spirit of Christ then obviously we are seeking for approval, honor and glory from the elites among the children of this world, so these actions and acts of giving sought for approvals and rewards from the elites of this world especially our employers and even our parents and children, when we could not see the roles that parents and children or employers, lords, kings and masters of this world are taking up before the Divine Majesty of God, who is Supreme Lord of all lords, kings and the greatest in this world. Most children respected and honored their parents, but if we as parents stop from this stage so we garnered all these approvals and honors for ourselves as parents, refusing them to point these to God who alone gives human parents His Spirit of Fatherhood and Motherhood. Parents should be role models to point them to God, so that when our children grew up, they will have spiritual assurances and securities that their whole beings needed. Parents cannot be everywhere with our children, but only God could be everywhere with our children from conception till death, so we as parents need to show the right attitudes that sprung out from the depths of our hearts to show that God is above parents, so this will draw the children to put God first and all else will be God’s Business.)
“But when you help a needy person, do it in such a way that even your closest friend will not know about it. Then it will be a private matter. And your Father, who sees what you do in private will reward you. (Here we need to know who is the most secret friend through the Words of God through Christ in Matthew 6:3, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”, and this mean that even within our own bodies, there are two portions and these could be the left hand, which is the sinful nature with Satan’s evil spirit and the right hand is an analogy of the pure human nature with God’s Holy Spirit. We need to scrutinize these realities and truths that are within every human bodies, souls and human spirits, except those of Mary and Jesus Christ as they do not have any trace or stain of what belonged to Satan within their bodies, so these are like naughty and evil children within our bodies who refused to cooperate with God and caused disharmonies, divisions, animosities, hatred, vengeance and anger against each others even within individual body of human being. They caused us to be unable to focus on doing what is good, right and holy. They caused nightmares, bad dreams, disillusions, anxieties and despairs in the bodies of human beings, but when the Spirit of Christ is on His thrones in our hearts; His Reigns and His Powers together with His Glories filled with Love will destroy all animosities, wickedness and evils that are within the bodies. The Spirit of God destroys the powers and authorities that we give to Satan within our bodies. The Holy Spirit causes Satan’s presence to be eliminated, crippled and they became lame within our bodies. Therefore if we want to do God’s works through our bodies, do not wait and allow these plans of God to penetrate into the ‘left hand’ or the secret ‘cells’ within each individual body where we set apart for Satan to live when we made pacts and friendships with his values, teachings and his evil spirits when we approved of them through the children and slaves of Satan in this world. When we are drawn to consult evil and unclean spirits that usually reside in souls of human beings who had died, but since they were not accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven, these souls would be roaming in the state of ‘limbo’ or even in hell and they could be used by mediums and these souls came along with Satan’s evil spirits and most of them disguised themselves with baits and snares which are attractive to the children of this world, so those who come into communion with these pagan mediums will be in communion with Satan’s evil spirits within these souls that are called and possessed the mediums.)
“When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites! They love to stand up and pray in the house of worship and on the street corners, so that everyone will see them. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. Bu when you pray, go to your room, close the door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father who sees what you do in private, will reward you. (So here the private of the most private room is within our hearts and if we pray in unity with the Sacred Heart, we are in Communion with God in His and our secret rooms, where no one knows what transpired within our hearts in Communion with the Heart of God in Jesus Christ, so obviously we receive instant reward, because being in Communion with God within the most secret and sacred hearts of human beings with God is enough reward for each of our beings, where the bodies, souls and human spirits are intimately joined to the Body, Soul and Human Spirit of Christ, so with this Communion will flows the Treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven into our hearts. There will be great feastings and joys in our hearts, souls and human spirits because we are in Communion with God through Christ and all those drawn to the Body of Christ too will be in Communion with us, so these are the communions of saints on earth in communions with the saints in Heaven, so whenever there is the gathering of the saints and angels through Jesus Christ there will be feastings in the Kingdom of Heaven and earth. Our earthly feastings are on delicious food of great varieties and free flows of drinks and wines, but the feastings of the Kingdom of Heaven is another kind which will bring much more joy, happiness and love which no food and wine could bring for us in this world. Mystics of Christ would reveal that when they are in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit is flowing into and through them to others, the most appetizing food would be tasteless, because they have greater food than these despicable foods that are making human beings happy. So prayers are these feastings of the souls and human spirits with God in His Kingdom.)
14th June 2022.
Lily Wee.


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