FEAST OF Ss SIMON AND JUDE, APOSTLES Ephesians 2:19 ‘So then, you Gentiles are not foreigners or strangers any longer; you are now fellow citizens wit

Ephesians 2:19
‘So then, you Gentiles are not foreigners or strangers any longer; you are now fellow citizens with God’s people and members of the Family of God.’ (Here, we know that God through Christ invites all human beings into His Family, so that through this we are One in His Divinity. God through Christ draws human beings into the Blessed Trinity. Before God draws human beings into the Blessed Trinity, He draws the Human Person of our Lord Jesus Christ into His Divinity and Blessed Trinity, then only after that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, all the prophets and apostles together with us and all those yet to respond to God’s call through Christ, and God knows exactly who would be those who would one day become saints in Heaven. So, today the whole humanity that are already drawn into the Blessed Trinity through Christ are far from the exact numbers of saints who would be in Heaven.)
Verse 20 stated, ‘You, too, are built upon the foundation laid by the Apostles and Prophets, the cornerstone being Christ Jesus Himself.’ (Indeed, the whole community of saints-to-be united with the saints on Heaven, are all built on the Foundation of God through Christ and the Apostles whom God through Christ had anointed to take His Place in this world, are all drawing us into this One and only Eternal Family in Heaven. As long as we are yet to complete the numbers of saints in Heaven, we are all drawn into His Kingdom while we are still in physical flesh and blood, but to be completely sanctified and would not fall again into sins, required that our bodies returned to the soil and our human spiritual bodies raise to glory with God through Christ, whereby the higher and closer we are to the Kingdom of Heaven and His Holy Sanctuary in Heaven, the more sanctify and purer we will be and our distorted images would become more and more like Christ and we will received full restorations of Sanctifying Grace as we reach Heaven and the Holy Sanctuary of God.)
Verse 21 stated, ‘He is the One who holds the whole Building together and makes it grow into a sacred temple dedicated to the Lord.’ (Here, this Body of Christ is the Heavenly Temple of Jerusalem, whereby we all are gather together in this Heavenly Temple through us here on earth worshipping God through Christ with the whole of our hearts, souls and minds. We could see His Hands Stretched out and envisioned His Left Hand is holding the Hand of God and His Right Hand is holding His Bride or humanity. He brings all of us who are moving toward Him to God His Father, as the Body of Christ was replicated through the Holy Temple of Jerusalem and the Holy of Holies is the Outlet where human beings who worshipped and offered sacrifices pass from the Outer Court, to the Inner Court then reached the Holy of Holies. When we reached the most sacred portion of the Temple of Jerusalem, we are supposed to be raised up to “Yahweh” God and to see His Spirit pouring on us and we reached out to the Holy Spirit and He raise us high into the Holy Sanctuary of Heaven. So, too the Body of Christ has the Outlet and it is toward the Divinity of Christ and then to the Blessed Trinity, because the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity is the Divinity of the Son of Man. So, no Christian should stop or halt progressing to higher sanctity in the Kingdom of Heaven, but all are called to receive the Holy Spirit and experienced His real Presence in our lives and see these in others as well.)
Verse 22 stated, ‘In union with Him you too are built together with all the others into a place where God lives through His Spirit.’ (So, here in order to be precise, Christians are supposed to be temples of God in this world and our hearts are supposed to be tabernacles of God with Christ living inside the thrones of our hearts and He illuminates His Love, Glory and Power through all His children who are His dwelling places on earth; these are higher and most important while physical Tabernacles and buildings are secondary, although both complements each other, but God is searching for human beings to build His temples on earth, more than buildings and structures.)
Psalms 19:2
‘Each day announces it to the following day; each night repeats it to the next.’ (Here, we could see that the Psalmist with God’s insight within him revealed that the manifestations of the sky, moon and the sun, were sure sign of the majesty and power of God and these are all His handiworks displayed in the sky, where all these ‘heavens’ or physical cosmic existences totally submitted, obeyed and listened to all Words that God uttered to them. They never fail in their existences and how they continue to operate from creation till the End of Time, when these will turn to nothing. But as long as these are before the End of Time, the laws and orders put forth by God for these ‘heavens’ will continued and no creations could rebelled against God, but angels and human beings alone are given freewill to choose side and they could obey God, rebelled against God or battles against God and between the Camp of God and Satan, this is the War of wars zone, where many souls are destroyed, so too many souls are rescued by God through Christ, like the Camp of the Israelites and camp of Goliath with the Philistines on his side. So, we need to be firm in our decisions and not waver when we know that these are War above all wars as spiritual warfare is much more ferocious and aggressive than any wars that had been declared by human beings, because physical wars could merely kill the bodies, but spiritual wars could kill both the bodies and souls, bring these to Heaven or be thrown to Hell.)
Verse 3-4 stated, ‘No speech or words are used, no sound is heard; yet their message goes out to all the world and is heard to the ends of the earth.’ (Here, when we gazed at the sky, we could see awesome and splendid of God’s mighty creations; all these silently listened, obeyed and fulfilled what God destines, plans and commands them to do, and they never rebel against the Words of the Spirit, but they displayed the wonders and beauty of God in His Wisdom and Wholesomeness. Nothing God created is whole unless these totally listen, obey and manifest the Glory, Power, Beauty and Love of God, so too we as human beings are the most important parts of His creations, because God created the whole beautiful and splendid universe for human beings. Who are we to be ungrateful to God and refused to manifest His Glory, Love and Power of God amongst human beings on earth?)
Luke 6:12-19
Verse 17 stated, ‘When Jesus had come down from the hill with the Apostles, He stood on a level place with a large number of His disciples.’ (Here, let us take this as an analogy whereby we could see Jesus was praying up on a hill, the whole night, communicating to God His Father or His Divinity as the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity was drawn into a Solemn meeting with each other, before God chooses Disciples who would be amongst the Twelve, who would be the framework of God Mission for His Son, whereby He would finally become the Lamb of God and all His Apostles and disciples are also called to be lambs of God in the Mystical Lamb of God. This is the Foundation where all Christians are built on, so we need to carry our crosses and upgrade these into the Mystery of the Yoke of Christ, so that Christ who shares our sins, sufferings and atones for all our sins, so too we do likewise for our younger brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God on earth and Purgatory. Therefore, we ought not to waste our sufferings and pains in regrets and complains, but joyfully share the Yoke God puts on ours and Christ’s Shoulder. We are sharing the same Bar over our shoulders as Christ Yoke with us, in order that our sins will be atoned for, our souls purified by Purgatory or Cleansing on earth, together with doing these for those of our fellow brothers and sisters who are weak, so that both ours and their souls too will be purified, sanctified and glorified.
After having raised up by God through Christ in the ‘hill’ which is the analogy of God’s Kingdom on earth, uniting ourselves with His Kingdom in Heaven, Jesus Christ and His Apostles came down on level ground or in humility and welcome all disciples and fellow human beings who search for the Path of Life and Light through God in Jesus Christ. We too must not be afraid when we enter into domains, like spiritual adulterers and prostitutes or where spiritual tax-collectors in those who sinned and are greedy for wealth, money and illicit activities; all these who are in the dark have desires within the cores of their beings to be set free from the clenches, powers, prisons, and chains of Satan, as their human spiritual bodies are crying out for God and for His help, but should we turned them away and judged them unworthy or deserved to be condemned?)
Verse 18 stated, ‘They had come to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases.’ (Here, we need to take note that in those times, more prevalence were traditional healers and medications, but in these days of science, technologies and advancement in medical sciences, discoveries and research, we as Christ’s followers needed to always remember where we stand, where our situations and conditions are different? We need to know that God is the Healer of healers, even if these are works of medical scientists, specialists in various medical fields or the medications, therapies or treatments that are given to us. So, when we are restored and healed or our lives prolonged or sustained by the works of God’s handmaids, servants, stewards and all professional including the humble people and caretakers who give emotional and psychological supports, through God’s Love expressed in words, actions and attitudes together with their outlooks in lives, which led those who are sick, suffering and in health crises, the happiness and joy, which lifts them up mentally, emotionally and spiritually; these are manifestations of God’s Kingdom in the hearts and people of God.)
‘Those who were troubled by evil spirits also came and were healed.’ (So, here in this world, most human beings, even Christians when they could not explain any situations or circumstances in their lives especially when their spouses started to drift away from being in love, care for us or the children and family, many pointed these to charms or spells being cast on them, but charms are works of inferior or less powerful evil spirits, where mediums are involved. These mediums called upon their helpers and most of these are lost souls in limbo, indeed, we all need to be aware that if we are not attracted or drawn back to God at the end of our lives, but saw ourselves drifting and wasting our times in idleness, we should be aware that there will arrive situations where mediums will invite us into their pacts and they would use these lost souls in order to do business of earning money, or with evil motives aroused by Satan to destroy human souls and degrade them into nothingness, uselessness, idleness and wasting their ’times’ in the realm of the Spirit, because no sacrifices are needed for us to progress toward holiness, purifications and there is no desire to be united with God at the End of Time. These souls are totally exposed and vulnerable to Satan who manipulate and use these to cause chaos on earth and realm of the Spirit. Charms, curses and spells cast on human beings are not the most dangerous, because these only required the Power of God, His Blood and Spirit and we submit in reliance on Him to deliver and set us free.
But the most dangerous works of evils are those done, created and used by Satan through our sinful hearts, natures and human spirits, because the enemy is within the same hearts and bodies as us, so we need to rise up against these evil forces of Darkness first and foremost, within our hearts, dethroned Satan and make him subject to God, as all spiritual ‘transactions’ and activities will need to pass through the Blood of Christ, thus nothing profane, evil and destructive to the souls would find approval by God through Christ.)
27th October 2022.
Lily Wee.


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