LAST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: MONDAY Revelation 14:1 ‘Then I looked, and there was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion (so, here we know there was

Revelation 14:1
‘Then I looked, and there was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion (so, here we know there was a hill in Jerusalem called Zion. There was the Temple Mount, where the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Jerusalem was supposed to be sited. This was the most sacred site to Judaism, Christian and Islam. This was supposed to be the site where Abraham offered Isaac for the Sacrifice. The Lord wanted to reveal to John that this Holiest site is no longer a physical site in this world, but this Holiest site in the Holy of Holies is then after the Death, Resurrection, Ascensions and Enthronement of our Lord Jesus Christ; is eternally in Heaven. Therefore, our communions and presences in physical holy sites, whether these are Tabernacles in St Peter’s Basilica, in union with physical Tabernacles of all Basilicas, Cathedrals and Churches across the globe of the earth, should draws us into the Presence of God through Christ in the Communion and working of the Holy Spirit, to this Heavenly Zion, where all the saints in union with saints-to-be on earth and Purgatory are presence. Saints in Heaven see God face-to-face, while saints-to-be on earth, see God through the Eyes of our souls, opened, restored and healed by God through Christ, while saints-to-be in Purgatory see God’s Presence with His Bride through Christ from a distance, whether this is extremely far away, nearer or almost there with the saints, as we gathered together within the gate of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with desire to enter the Banquet Hall through the Door of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ); with Him were 144,000 people (which was a metaphorical number from the multiplication of the Twelve tribes of Israel with twelve, then there is the number thousand at the back of the twelve multiplied twelve, so these are all those who are saints in Heaven, which included us and all those yet to be born who would be numbered within this 144,000) who have His and His Father’s Name written on their foreheads (so marking the Name of Jesus Christ and “Yahweh” God on their foreheads revealed the Ownership of these persons, belonged to God through Jesus Christ, so this strongly and affirmatively stated that there is no salvation outside the Name, Person and Body of Christ. This means that if human beings wanted to enter Heaven, they have to be owned by His Son and only through the Son, we belonged to the Father. Jesus Christ is always pointing us to His Father, not to Himself as the Lamb of God, as the Lamb of God is the Mean by which we reached and are united with the Father. Jesus Christ is God-in-Flesh to take the Role of the Bridegroom on God’s Behalf, as He gathered us in His Sacred Heart, or His Human Heart, solely for His Father).
Verse 2 stated, ‘And I heard a Voice from Heaven that sounded like a roaring waterfall, like a loud peal of thunder. It sounded like music made by musicians playing their harps.’ (So, here John was trying to describe the Person of God in the Son of Man, whereby God spoke through Jesus Christ and His Presence will overwhelmed us as we could see our littleness before the Mighty God of Love, Power, Glory and Wisdom. If we are graced to see Him face-to-face, we will never be able to doubt again, even if others who hear from us, could not believe what we had said. Personally, I testified that I had met with God face-to-face and this led to the transformation in my life and the full conviction of what He wanted to reveal through me. We will know whether those who claimed that they had met with God, truly meant what they said, is the transformations in their lives, as those who had met with God will be transformed by the Holy Spirit and will have the Fire of the Sacred Heart and His Love in the Holy Spirit taking flesh in our hearts, souls and minds. This Fire will perpetuate until they come face-to-face with God in Heaven to live with Him eternally. Those who had truly met with God and were hugged by His Holy Spirit are those who had been chosen and set apart and we will know that no human beings could stop them from listening, obeying and doing what the Holy Spirit wants them to do. They are mystics of our times, who are saints-to-be on earth.)
Verse 3 stated, ‘The 144,000 people stood before the Throne, the four living creatures (the Jews would be familiar with the meaning of the images of the four living creatures, and for us in the era of the New Testament, these four creatures represented the four Evangelists in the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John, so with differences in the images for each of them, represented the roles and missions of these evangelists as we could see their priorities are different from each other, but all the Gospels are meant to reveal to us the Words of God from the One who is the Author and He is the Holy Spirit coming from the WORD OF GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ), and the elders (here, we know that there is a spiritual hierarchy in the Kingdom of Heaven, whereby what we see on earth are replicas of what are truly in Heaven, where there are elders, or the spiritual Fathers of God’s children in Heaven, on earth and Purgatory); they were singing a new song, which only they could learn (here, we need to know that those God had chosen and set apart to be His children on earth, will be like saints in Heaven in their human spiritual bodies within the purities of their hearts, souls and minds; they will not be amazed by the songs and music of even the greatest musicians, songwriters and earthly musical performances in their excellences, because truly excellence and perfect without any fault are the songs, music and dances that all saints are dancing to the songs and music in Heaven. Their bodies will swing to the music and songs that come from the Holy Spirit and they will not dance to the tunes of even the greatest music and songs that are secular. Before the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I would dance to my favorite songs and music as ways to exercise my human spirit, so then I was very happy and enjoy dancing to these secular songs and music, but after the baptism of the Holy Spirit, my body will no longer swing and dance to these secular songs and music, but I would be graced by God to be led by His Spirit to lift my eyes to Heaven and experience the bliss, joy and be overwhelmed by His Love, Power and Presence, although my physical eyes could not see anything, but my soul could and I would fixed my eyes, as I lifted my face up to Heaven. I would be able to allow the Holy Spirit to draw me into true Heavenly worships in Heaven, especially in every Mass).
Psalm 24:3
‘Who has the right to go up the Lord’s hill?’ (Here, this hill is the Heavenly Zion, where all the saints gathered together to worship and love the Lord and be loved by Him as He gathers us together into His Family in Heaven.)
‘Who may enter His Holy Temple?’ (Here, primarily the Temple of God is the Body of Christ and as far as whether there is a real building, physically seen with our eyes; this I did not see, but there is a majestic, splendid spiritual building like a Magnificent Palace with castle-like pinnacle, with pointed-like roofing, but this is secondary, because as long as we are now in the Body of Christ, we are in His Heavenly Temple, so where God is, there Christ is, so all who are in the Body of Christ will be where God is, so with the Holy Spirit, we will be where God moves and go, as the whole Heavenly Family is within the Holy Spirit in His Kingdom in Heaven and this Kingdom is also on earth, precisely in the hearts of His Elects or children of God. If we pray to Jesus Christ through Mother Mary, we will see that she will always lead us to His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and simultaneously the Son of Mary will always lead us to God, His and our Father. In the presence of Mother Mary are all saints in Heaven, in unity with saints-to-be on earth and Purgatory. I do not have any specific saint whereby I pray through them to Jesus Christ, but I prayed through Jesus Christ, then from Him to His Divinity, then be united with the Blessed Trinity.)
Luke 21:1-4
Verse 3 stated, “I tell you that this poor widow put in more than all the others.’ (Let us remove the physical attires, assets, gold and silver or anything that adorns rich people, including their wealth, assets and all physical things that puffed up their worth in this earthly lives, so what are left is our human flesh and blood, naked of all the earthly treasures of this world, because God sees us not through the outward appearances and what we are worth in this world, but the worth of human beings are in their hearts, souls and human spirits; whether they have the Heavenly Clothing of the Holy Spirit, if we are without the Holy Spirit in Christ’s Body within our bodies, no matter how wealthy, powerful, influential and glorious we are in this world, these are nothing in the Eyes of God, if these are nothing from outside to the inside, then we are worth nothing in the Eyes of God, so we are in fact worth nothing.
This poor widow gave to the Temple collections what she still needs, so too in our lives, charity is not about giving to others what we would have thrown away, but giving to others what we still need, when we are poor, we still share what we need with others who needed. It is mere justice to give to others what we do not need, but are still wearable and good, but charity is giving out and pained our hearts, yet we still give, because we share their deprivations, as God gives and trains us to be compassionate.)
Verse 4 stated, “For the others offered their gifts from what they had to spare of their riches; but she, poor as she is, gave all she had to live on.” (So, here we could discipline ourselves with the Help of the Holy Spirit to give a tenth of what we earn to be of help and service to the needy people and for the support of missions activities, because Christians are called to evangelize and spread the Good News to others, but with lack of faith and not trusting God enough to give us prophetic wisdom, knowledge and understanding, we refrained from exercising our missionary activities, thus giving out from a tenth of what we earn would be the right minimum measures, so to contrite to missionary activities and support of our priests and wages for paid staffs in our parishes. We need to see through the Eyes of God whereby a tenth from those earning minimum wages are little to the world, but to God that is basically the right amount, but to the rich and mega rich, their one tenth would be hundreds and thousands in our local currency, but all these are the same when we give with grateful hearts and are cheerful givers, if the sinful hearts or ‘left hand’ interfered then, we would want to get back earthly honors and glories for what we give; these would be deficits to our souls, because we received back in this world.
When we died, these acts of duties, obligations and gestures of love from the hearts, would be our great consolations when we died physically and our earthly bodies started to become irrelevant, because we already had our Heavenly riches with God; all that our souls need to be whole and satisfied are ready to be given to us, like when we are stripped naked of earthly things and bodies, God will clothes our human spiritual bodies with Heavenly Clothing, puts music and songs in our hearts, dance to the rhythm of Heavenly music and songs.)
20th November 2022.
Lily Wee.


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