LAST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: THURSDAY Revelation 18:2 ‘He cried out in a loud voice: ‘She has fallen! Great Babylon has fallen (let us put th

Revelation 18:2
‘He cried out in a loud voice: ‘She has fallen! Great Babylon has fallen (let us put the whole wickedness and evils in this world sourced from Satan into this Great Babylon!’ And in order to explain the Mystery of God as revealed in this metaphoric image of Babylon, we need to ponder deep into the Mystery of God, whereby Babylon was the nation that captured the Israelites. Israel was a Nation, holy and pure and she was filled with splendor, glory and all the goodness of God was in Israel. Babylon conquered Israel and took all her treasures from the Temple, so this revealed to us that it is Satan who is like this Babylon who captured the children of God and drag them into captives in Babylon. This revealed to us that after Adam and Eve had sinned, they were sent out of the Garden of Eden as written in Genesis 3:23, so this was like the Israelites being forced out of Israel to live in Babylon, where they were captives there. So, too this is true with us as we are still residing outside the Garden of Eden, in the state of sins, so the laws that God makes for this sinful state of being is different from when they were still in the Garden of Eden. We could see that as written in Genesis 3:6, ‘Then at the east side of the Garden He put living creatures and a flaming sword which turned in all directions. This was to keep anyone from coming near the Tree that gives Life’ This revealed to us that no one could cross and return back to the Garden of Eden, not that God forbids us, but because we had been deformed into the likeness of Satan and become the prostitute, like Babylon, so with these evil spirits within our hearts, souls and minds, we will not be able to cross over to the Holiness and Perfection of God, just like Moses was told that the Israelites must not come close to Mount Sinai and ascend the Mountain, and if they did so, they will be consumed and died physically, because of the total disparities of spirits between God and human beings. So, this revealed to us that if we hold on to our sins, after we died, refusing to repent, then we too would be like the Israelites who had to stay far away from the Holiness and Perfection of God on Mount Sinai. If in the state of unrepented sins, we try to evade the ‘flaming sword’ we would be killed spiritually, although this flaming sword will not be able to terminate the eternal existence of human souls and spirits, but there would be spiritual stroke for those who tried to come near to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Babylon or Satan and his forces of darkness would completely be captured and thrown into where these evil spirits were sourced in the metaphoric of the ‘sea’)!
‘She was haunted by demons and unclean spirits; all kinds of filthy and hateful birds in her.’ (This explained the metaphoric of Babylon or the abode of Satan, his devils and evil spirits in hell. The kingdom of Satan had spread to the earth, as we know that the recipients of these evil spirits are within the evil and sinful hearts of all human beings and no human beings could claim to be absence of these sinful natures and spirits in the platforms of our evil hearts, except the Two Human Beings, in Mother Mary and her Son.)
Verse 21 stated, ‘Then a mighty angel picked up a stone the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, ‘This is how the great city Babylon will be violently thrown down and never to be seen again.’ (We know that Satan and his foundations of evil, wickedness and malice will totally be uprooted from the presence of human beings and the earth, only at the End of Time, as when the Trumpet is sounded, the power of the universe or the Spirit of God will be drawn back from the universe and human beings will witness the sun losing its power and turned to darkness and the stars loses its foundations and these become dark as revealed that these stars would be falling down, then we could see the reversal of the Sixth Days of Creation taking place before our eyes. Creation was from First to Sixth days, then the reversal would be Sixth days to the First. This would happen like the closing of a scroll which was opened on creation, but close on the day when God removed His Breath and Spirit from the universe. This removal of evils from hearts and souls of human beings would be likened to the mighty angel of the Lord from the Holy Sanctuary of God uprooting the millstone and throwing this to the sea. The sea is the symbol of the abode of Satan which is hell, so all evils spirits will be removed from those who would be saints in Heaven and these will be thrown back to Satan and hell, so this will no longer be seen again at the End of Time, after the Final Judgment is over.)
Psalm 100:2
‘Worship the Lord with Joy (here are we with joy when we enter through the Gate of the Heavenly Jerusalem, as we celebrate Mass? Are we fully focused on God and His Sanctuary with His Glory and Love, in the Glorious Son of Man who is seated on His Throne at His Father’s Right Hand?); come before Him with happy songs (here there need to be songs within our hearts, as the Heavenly choirs, sing within our hearts, and this would be further enhanced with the earthly choirs, as their hearts are united with God, so the Heavenly choirs are united with the earthly choirs, so our hearts, souls and minds should be filled with great intensity of joy)!
Verse 3 stated, ‘Acknowledge that the Lord is God (search in Google reveal He is the ‘Supreme Being, Perfect Omnipotent and Omniscient Originator and Ruler of the universe—but we go further into the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity in unity with the Glorious Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ, whereby God is not merely for us to worship, adore and glorify, but He is residing within all His saints in Heaven, saints-to-be on earth and Purgatory; saints are drawn into intimacy with God our Father through Jesus Christ in the spiritual reality of most profound relations of Bridegroom with His Bride. He does everything He had to, in order to save us as He is Holy, Pure and Love, so all His brides in the Mystical Bride needed to be totally restored into the Image and Likeness of her Bridegroom).
‘He made us, and we belong to Him (this is justice of which the one who created us, is the Sole Owner of all human beings whom He created from His Breath, Life and Spirit, although it was through the First Couple that all human beings are conceived and born into this world, but for every one of us to be conceived in our mother’s wombs, the same reality applied as God blew His Breath as He takes the soil from the womb of mothers, so here we were conceived, so above our mothers where we stayed for nine months, it is God alone who is our Father, because our physical bodies appeared only after the Spirit of God entered our mother’s wombs); we are His people (so from these human beings whose Owner is God alone, we are all gathered together humanly as the people of God, so the Spirit of God continues to communicate with all of us, like mothers feeding their infants in their breasts, so too God feeds us with the Holy Spirit which appeared as His Body and Blood in consecrated bread and wine), we are His Flock (so the image of flock with its sheep and lambs, and their shepherds are common sights in the eyes of the Israelites, so God through Christ use this as analogy of Him, or God through Christ as the Good Shepherd for His lambs and sheep. He is not merely ordinary shepherds who worked for wages, but He is the Good Shepherd and the Jews knew that the Good Shepherd is God Himself, so God through His Son takes His Place and Role as the Good Shepherd, so good is God alone. So, only this Flock of God through Christ will belong Personally and Intimately to Him, as Father alone).
Verse 4 stated, ‘Enter the Temple gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise. Give thanks and praise Him.’ (So, both are related and cannot be separated, if we come to worship in His Temple or the Heavenly Jerusalem, there need to be the Spirit of Christ who alone is fully and totally grateful to His Father and He praises and glorifies God from within the cores of His Being as the Human Person or Flesh of God.)
Luke 21:20-28
“When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then you will know that she will soon be destroyed.’ (So, here we need to take this reality and apply this to our lives on earth, whereby there will be signs to reveal to us that the End of Time is nearer, than ever, when we see that Satan and his forces of darkness are in the state of desperations, because they know better when the End of Time is nearer than human beings, so in their state of panic, they would manifest their stresses and there will be desperations to deceive human beings, so as the Last Day is approaching the world would be a very difficult place to live, as human beings would lose the spiritual sanctities as Satan tried their utmost to drag as many souls to hell as fast and as many as possible. But as children of Light and Love, we all need to be ready all the time and to pray aways so that we would not be deceived.)
Verse 24 stated, “Some will be killed by the sword, and others will be taken as prisoners to all countries (so these revealed that wars will reached its climax before the world would end, as hatred will be intense and reached the depth, evils will seemed to triumph before the End of Time and there will be great confusions, as human beings will reached the most deplorable state of beings, where between good and bad, or God and Satan; human beings would not be able to discern and separate, as our human dignity as children of God would be eroded, as human beings began to live their lives from the platforms of their sinful hearts, natures and spirits, so by these evils will triumph and goodness of God would be destroyed, but when the End of Time come, all of us who are being pushed down, would be raised by God and Satan and his forces of darkness would completely lose their grips on the children of God and these will be totally removed from human hearts, souls and spirits; never to haunt us again.)
Verse 26 stated, “People will faint from fear as they wait for what is coming over the whole earth, for the powers in space will be driven from their courses.” (This revealed the happening when God reverses the stages of creations from the Sixth Day to the First Day.)
Verse 27 stated, “Then the Son of Man will appear, coming in a Cloud with great power and glory.” (This is the Glorious Son of Man who is seated at the Right-Hand side of His Father. The Image of the Glorious Son of Man would see that through and in the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, in Resurrected Body, would be seen, not as the Disciples saw Him after His Resurrection, but the Glorious Son of Man is filled with the Spirit of His Father, or the Blessed Trinity is in the Body of the Glorious Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ. His Size, His Might, His Power, His Authority and Glory revealed “Yahweh” God within His Body, but after all souls had been saved, and the new heavens (sky) and earth appeared, the Son of Man will returned all God’s Power and Authority vested in His Body, back to His Father and God will be all in all, and over all; this mean that when we descended to the new earth, new era and new creation, the Son of Man will be seen as His Mother and Disciples saw Him while He was on earth, pure and holy and filled with His Father’s Love. He would be without any wrinkle, sign of aging or tanned by the sun, but He will be in the peak of beauty, glory and radiates with the Blessed Trinity within Him, so all His brothers and sisters in the new earth would be in the same perfect, holy and beautiful as when God created Adam and Eve, before their fall into sins.)
23rd November 2022.
Lily Wee.


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