LAST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: TUESDAY Revelation 14:14 ‘Then I looked, and there was a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was what looked li

Revelation 14:14
‘Then I looked, and there was a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was what looked like a Human Being (so, here we could see that when there is the mention of the Human Being on the Throne, it is about the Glorious Son of Man, this is the Flesh of God. We need to know that the offspring or children of God is totally like the Son of Man. We need to have the exact proportion or dispositions of God’s Spirit in Christ in order to become saints. Human beings must be purified, sanctified and glorified through the Transforming power of the Holy Spirit, in His Grace and Mercy. The Crown on His Head revealed that God shares His Status as King of kings with His Son, who is in Flesh and Blood, with the intentions and plans that all human beings will be totally like His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. When we said that Jesus is the Lord of lords, there are basically two implications of which as human beings, He is the Lord of all lords, kings and masters of this world. This mean that the seat of earthly authorities and powers, although created by human beings are indeed, created by God so that human beings in their flesh and blood will have earthly rulers and kings over them. Although they were elected by the people or by those who are rulers of the people, to be the kings, rulers or prime ministers, but their statuses and seats of authorities will see that God is above them, so they are personally responsible and are accountable for their actions. Secondly, He is the Lord of lords, in all the powers and authorities of God in His Spiritual hierarchy in Heaven, where angels are allocated with seats of powers and authorities to govern the Kingdom of Heaven, and also God’s Kingdom on earth. They are directly responsible for God alone and here we could see the relationships between the Son of Man and angels of the Lord. His Humanity is subjected to His Divinity and He obeyed what His Divinity said, as He loves and submitted to God with all His Heart, Soul and Mind, so all of us who wanted to go to Heaven, need to have the Spirit of Christ within our hearts, so that we would be taught by God, guided by God and all these are through Christ within our hearts. What the Old Covenant could not give, the New Covenant gives and revealed the reality that God takes flesh in our human bodies, consecrating them to be temples of the Holy Spirit, through our love union with God in our human hearts united with the Sacred and Human Heart of Jesus Christ. All this is done, so that human beings can be united with God. This is the Fruit of the Old Covenant realized only in the New Covenant), with a Crown of gold on His Head and a sharp sickle in His Hand (this revealed the Lord Jesus Christ, the Glorious Son of Man will be the One who start the harvesting or the gathering of all His saints-to-be on earth to return to Heaven. He is harvesting the grape for His Father and what the Father wants is the best wine, that is the holiness and purity of all the souls of human beings. Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary is the Best Wine that God wants from human beings. Human beings have to be restored back to our holiness, goodness and sanctities as when God created us before the fall, as human beings are supposed to be children of God, so as children of God our connections with God is through our hearts, to the souls and human spirits. Nothing that is source from Satan must be within the sacred bodies of human beings. This is how harsh and painful these would be to our souls and human spirits which had been tainted because we make friend with Satan and invite his evil spirits into our hearts and lives; all these must be threshed, crushed and smashed out from our sacred bodies).
Verse 15 stated, ‘Then another angel came out from the Temple and cried out in a loud voice to the One who was sitting on the cloud, ‘Use Your sickle and reap the harvest, because the time has come; the earth is ripe for the Harvest!’ (Here, we could see that this angel is from God the Father who alone determined the Day when the Son of Man shall return to earth, to bring back all those who belonged to the Father. He obeyed His Father as He obeyed His angel, so too it is the same with all His saints-to-be on earth, as the Son of Man loved and obeyed His Father, so we must do likewise, otherwise if we are not completely like and imaged Christ, then there are spirits that are not sourced from God within our bodies and all these evils cannot enter Heaven.)
Verse 16 stated, ‘When the One who sat on the cloud swung His sickle on the earth, and the earth’s harvest was reaped. Then I saw another angel come out of the Temple in Heaven, and he also had a sickle.’ (So, here we could see that with Him who has the sickle was an angel of the Lord, so we could see that the Son of Man would personally reap the harvest, or He gathers the children of God to Himself with the helps of God’s angels to share in the works of the Glorious Son of Man. Nothing would be spared and the harvest will be complete, so no saints-to-be are left out when He swung His sickle, the complete numbers of saints will be gathered up to Heaven.)
Verse 19 stated, ‘So the angel swung his sickle on the earth, cut the grapes from the vine, and threw them into the wine press of God’s furious anger.’ (Here, we could be easily confused with what the angel was doing and what John saw, whereby all that God wants from the earth are the grapes and what He wants from the grapes are the best wine, and here we could see the angel of the Lord cut the grapes from the vine and threw these into the wine press. This seemed confusing and uncalled of for God through His angel to throw human beings into the wine press of God’s anger. That mean that God’s justice needed to be done for all human beings had committed in our lives on earth. We know that God is always angry with Satan, but we may think that anger is a sin, but here we also know that when Jesus cleansed the Temple of Jerusalem from the thieves and robbers within the Temple, He was burning with anger for what transpired, secondly this was the Temple building, but primarily it is the bodies of human beings, which must be sacred, in order that God could continue to fill us with His Spirit, not merely the Third Person in the Blessed Trinity, but the First and Second, so wherever Christ is, there the Blessed Trinity shall be, so too when we invite Jesus Christ into our hearts and lives, we are doing the same to the Blessed Trinity, so with the Blessed Trinity together with the Glorious Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the whole Family of God is with all of us, even while we are sinners, but through the pure human hearts, natures and spirits, sustained by God, God’s Kingdom enters into time, space and earth.
God’s anger is not on the pure human hearts, natures and spirits within our bodies, but the sinful hearts, natures and spirits; so, we could see the wine press will squeeze out the best wine from the grapes that are thrown into the winepress by the angel of the Lord, so the wrath of God is like the smashing, threshing, and squeezing within the winepress.)
Psalm 96:10
‘Say to all the nations, ‘The Lord is King!’ (Here, with earthly and human sinful sight and tainted knowledge, we think of kings as those clothed in fine linens with expensive accessories, drove expensive cars, living in palaces with servants and slaves to serve them, as they lived in extravagant luxurious lifestyles, but the King of kings in God as seen in Jesus Christ is the only Eternal King, whereby even the Son of Man has to give up His Royal Crown and Throne, when we entered the new heavens and earth with new sky and creatures of the land, sea and sky. This is totally new, not from the recircled old earth, because the old earth and heavens will totally disappear as we could see what were revealed, that the stars will drop, the moon turned red and dark and the whole cosmic existences lose their powers, as we could see the sun slowly loses its energies and powers, then the earth turned to nothing. Therefore, all lords and kings who are on their thrones will be removed from their thrones as their kingships and lordships are irrelevant when earth turned to nothing, so only God is King and His Kingship is in the Person of the Son of Man, so the Glory in the Son of Man, is God’s Own Glory as God, Father, Lord and King.)
Luke 21:5-11
Verse 6 stated, “All this you see—the time will come when not a single stone here will be left in its place; every one will be thrown down.” (Here, this is both real and happened physically when the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman soldiers, but this is still secondary, because the Spiritual Temple of God is the Body of Christ, whereby we are stones in this Temple of Christ’s Body, but that is still not the complete and full manifestations of His temples as these temples are the bodies of His saints-to-be on earth, whereby all of us in the Body of Christ is a little Jesus Christ and so temples of the Holy Spirit, so His Temple is secondary in physical buildings, no matter how magnificent these are, these are destructible and physical, whereby Jesus Christ had revealed that all things will past away, but the Word of God will remain forever, so only Christ and His Spirit will be Eternal, Immortal and Everlasting, so too our temples within the Temple of Christ’s Body too need to be adorn with glories, splendor in God’s Holiness, Glories, Goodness and Perfection. Therefore, with knowledge that the temples of God, these are our bodies, will be eternal and these will return to the Temple of God, in the Body of Christ to live with Christ forever, so where Christ is, there we will be, what Christ has, we too within the Body of Christ will share, so only through Christ, God restores the temples of our bodies, from being temples of secular, worldly and messed up spirits with Satan, into the Glory, Beauty and Splendor of God’s Temple in the Heavenly Jerusalem.)
Verse 9 stated, “Don’t be afraid when you hear of wars and revolutions; such things must happen first, but they do not mean that the end is near.” (So, here we need to heed the advice of our Lord Jesus Christ and He alone trust in His Father as He does not need to know when the world would end, although this involved Him Personally, because He is the reason, the world would end, as God gathers all His children to Himself through His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. What we need to be concern all the times, is our spiritual human hearts and bodies’ relationships with God through Christ. We need to set these our priorities, so that every day and moment, we are ready and prepare to ascend with Jesus Christ to God our Father in Heaven. Because, these happened to the apostles and disciples as they all, while thinking that Jesus Christ would come during their times, instead entered into God’s Presence, Sanctuary and meet God face-to-face at the end of their lives on earth, so they were not spared from the waiting, and we too are not spare, so these waiting will happen for maybe generations to come, as Christ will not reveal the Day the End of Time will be, as He stated that He did not know. In reality He is more concern with His Kingdom on earth, where sins are as ramparts as before and after the time of Jesus Christ on earth. Human beings are returning to their old ways of lives and many have abundant their faith, as instead of God in the center of our hearts and lives; we have other more important priorities that we put in the cores of our hearts, that instead of loving God with all our hearts, souls and minds, we are loving ourselves and what are personally related to us, where God is no longer the Lord and King of many of us in this world, as we have times for other perishable matters, but little or no time for God. We are not fooling God, but we are fooling ourselves because we could be those grapes that are threshed out, but there is no wine in these grapes, so all these become trashes and would be burned in the fire of hell in God’s wrath and anger.)
21st November 2022.
Lily Wee.


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