LAST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: WEDNESDAY Revelation 15:1 ‘There were seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last ones, because they are

Revelation 15:1
‘There were seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last ones, because they are the final expression of God’s anger.’ (Here, I am not going to interpret what this truly meant according to what John saw, but I would like to expound the reality that God is in control of what we see in this world, from the fall to these days until the End of Time. Here, we need to know that God wrath is unlike our own wrath and anger which come from our sinful hearts, natures and spirits, sourced from our relations, pacts and union with Satan. These realities are in all human beings, as long as we are still in this world, there are spiritual chambers that Satan nests and commit spiritual adulteries with human beings. Spiritual prostitution is worst than merely prostitutions in this world where women make their reproductive systems commodities where they could trade and earn money. Spiritual prostitution is when we cohabit with Satan in the chambers of our sinful hearts and natures, could anyone of us claimed innocence of these great crimes against the sanctities of our bodies? God’s wrath is the height of His great Love for humanity, whereby He loves us with all His Heart, Soul and Mind but we resisted Him, continued to sins and refused to repent. If God’s wrath is on those whom He loves and He wants these children to belong to Him and live with Him, but we are always weak, although we pray, yet we still fall all over again, God will exercise His Authority and Power over human beings who acknowledge their iniquities, yet are trapped, not knowing how to save themselves, by reaching to God; here God sees through the cries and needs of His lost children and He would do anything to save us. He alone has the final say to our salvations, as long as He and us wants to, He has the power and authority and no beings in Heaven, on earth or Purgatory to say otherwise. God’s wrath would be exhausted once justice is done to those who sinned against God, but we surely hope that God takes back His anger and chastisements on us, because we know that once He punished, He would not stop until He is satisfied. Therefore, when we saw how He drowned the Egyptians, we know that these were the wrath of God, whereby He will not be exhausted of pouring out His anger until these served their purpose. But those Egyptians who died while crossing the Red Sea, did not surely died spiritually, but all will be given justice and mercy will be accorded to those who showed mercies to others, but those who do not show mercies to others, but demanded justice, then these will have to face the Justice of God as well, as they did not show mercies, so too mercies will not be given, but these are what would be normally given. Yet, we need to know that the Love of God is unconditional, whereby disregard of whether we respond to His Love or otherwise, He is always love, but if we rejected His Love, we rejected His Spirit as well, so those of us who rejected God are residing away from the Kingdom of God, Light, Love and Truth, so they will be below the gate of Heaven, in various stages and degrees of spiritual insanities. The further human spiritual bodies are from the gate of Heaven, the darker these souls would be, these could be those who are still physically alive in this world, but because they refused to live as children of God, they make their decisions to stay away from the Kingdom of God on earth. This would digress between darkness to daunting (frightening, horrifying, harrowing or chilling) realities. The closer human spiritual bodies are to hell, the more, these would become their images and likenesses.)
Verse 2 stated, ‘Then I saw what looked like a sea of glass mixed with fire (here, in the realm of the Spirit, there are two forms of fire, one is from God and this is the Fire of God’s Love and this Fire sanctifies and burns away all evils within our hearts, souls and human spirits, then the second one is the fire of hell, shoots out like fire from the mouth of the dragon, and we need to know that the Dragon is the symbol of Lucifer, from him, all evils and wickedness have their source and origins. This fire is the punishment and wrath of God on him and his devils together with human beings who loved and on their sides. This fire will not be exhausted as the wrath of God will has no limit on them, so those in hell will suffer even more after the End of Time, as sulfur will be added, revealing the greatest intensity that never happen before.
The Fire of God’s Love is in the Holy Spirit and is ‘stationed’ in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, and shared by His Mother Mary in her Immaculate Heart, which is the Heart of God for the Mother of the Son of God in the Son of Man. So, in order for God’s children to experience the Divine Love of God, the Holy Spirit draws our hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. All of us who are united with God in and through the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ are saints in Heaven, saints-to-be on earth and Purgatory. These are those whom God had chosen and set apart before the creations of the world, meaning God knows exactly those who would respond to His Love, as their names will be written in the Book of Life. This is a Spiritual Book of the Kingdom of Heaven, unlike the physical book that we see in this world, where the names of those who are citizens of our nations are written. The Book of the Living has all the names of the saints since the beginning of time, till the End of Time; this mean that those who are yet to take flesh in this world, and these belonged to God, their names are already there in this Book of the Living.)
Psalm 98:1
‘By His Own Power and Holy Strength, He has won the Victory.’ (Here, we need to know that the reality of how King David, Moses and the Israelites who journeyed out of Egypt through the Red Sea and took possessions of the Promised Land, were through the Power and Holy Strength of God and victories were created by God for His beloved and chosen people, so too in our times until the End of Time, God personally interfered in histories, our daily lives and help us through storms and struggles in our lives. He taught, guided us and helped us to be humble, so when we seemed to be in the lowest point of our lives, we need to know that God wants us to know that we are nothing unless God puts His riches, gifts and powers into our bodies, so indeed the Lord lives in us and through us, so to communicate His Kingdom to us on earth. He wants all of us to see and know that our Great God, Father and Savior is always with us and we can fully trust in Him.)
Verse 7 stated, ‘Roar, sea, and every creature in you (here, God in the prophetic Psalmist was speaking to the earth and called the sea and every creatures in this earth to roar and together with human beings, let us acknowledge that the earth and creations have the Spirit and Breath of Life of God within and they could respond to the Words of God, hear Him clearly and obeyed Him instantly, but the order of lives in this world are predestined or ‘programed’ by God, where these creatures and creations will continue, days and nights, months and years, decades to centuries and for perpetuality obeyed the Words of God until the End of Time); sing, earth, and all who live on you! (So, he spoke to the earth and God’s creations and told them to sing along with human beings, to acknowledge and be grateful to God for everything that He created for us. We could see creatures sing and dance for the Lord and those of us who have the Lord within us will be able to see these creatures and creations as God sees them. So through and in natures, we could see the Face of God and His Gentle Hands and Love over all that He created in this world together with the whole cosmic existences in the heavens.)
Luke 21:12-19
Verse 14 stated, “Make up your minds ahead of time not to worry about how you will defend yourselves (here Jesus was telling the Disciples to be prepared and trust in God), because I will give you such words and wisdom that none of your enemies will be able to refute or contradict what you say (so, here we need to know that when we are at the service of God’s Kingdom on earth, we are mere instruments in our physical bodies, whereby God through Christ resides in our hearts, souls and human spirits. Within our hearts, we are in Communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, so the Words and Spirits of God will flow through Christ through our hearts, to our souls and human spirits. So, our bodies are consecrated to be temples of the Holy Spirit whereby God takes flesh in our bodies. How blessed are we whom God wants to take possessions of us. Our bodies, souls and human spirits belonged to God alone and our foreheads needed to have the Stamp of God’s Ownership on our bodies as His Spirit takes possessions of us. Saints in Heaven are God’s Personal Possessions, so we are blessed if God chooses to take our bodies as His temples, so He speaks through us, acts through us, and we would be transforms from the cores of our beings into the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore our attitudes, characters, outlooks in lives will be transformed, renewed and restored more and more until we totally resembled Christ in God’s Image and Likeness), because I will give you such Words and Wisdom that none of your enemies will be able to refute or contradict what you say (so, God answered our enemies, through us, therefore there is no need to prepare our debates and speeches to defend our rights or protect ourselves, because God will shield His servants from hidden dangers, plots and malice of human hearts).
Verse 17 stated, “Everyone will hate you because of Me.” (So, here we need to know that only Satan or the defeated and thrown out of Heaven, angel Lucifer is the Enemy of God and His evil spirits are in his devils and human accomplices on earth, so these are out to destroy the Kingdom of God on earth, while he cannot do anything to those who died physically as he resides in our sinful hearts and works from within to instigate us into fighting against God within our bodies. Those who had died, would see things much more clearly than while they were on earth, but not so, are those who are slaves and cohorts of Satan, as they continued to live in darkness, deceits and falsehood, as the Truth will only be given to those who desires in thirst and hunger, so those who deeply desired for the Truth, would see that they would repent and allow the Fire of God’s Love to be intensified and burned away all the remnants of Satan’s presence and evil spirits within our human spiritual bodies, so that we would hastily raise up to Heaven and join our brothers and sisters saints.)
Verse 18 stated, “But not a single hair from your heads will be lost.” (So, all our sacrifices, sufferings in contrition and penances will be fully exposed to God and God sees everything within our bodies. So, too all that we invested in the Kingdom of God on earth, will bear bountiful fruits, unseen or known by our human eyes and wisdoms. All these sacrifices of even martyrdoms will be worth, when we see the rewards of God waiting for each of us.)
Verse 19 stated, “Stand firm, and you will save yourselves.” (This, saving ourselves are not about us, being spared from physical sufferings, tortures and deaths, but these are about the salvations of our souls, whereby physical sufferings, pain and persecutions of even martyrdoms would not hurt or harm our souls, but for all sufferings, pains and persecutions, our souls will instead be glorified, sanctified and beautified.)
22nd November 2022.
Lily Wee.


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