NINETEENTH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: THURSDAY Ezekiel 12:2 … “Mortal man,” He said, “you are living among rebellious people. They have eyes, but

Ezekiel 12:2
… “Mortal man,” He said, “you are living among rebellious people. They have eyes, but they see nothing; they have ears, but they hear nothing, because they were rebellious.” (Here we know that God was going to leave the Temple of Jerusalem and this will be sieged and the people would have to leave us refugees in Babylon. Let us draw this reality into our personal bodies which are temples of the Holy Spirit. There will come times when we are likened to the rebels, like the Israelites and we too have ears as we believed that we hear but are we hearing the Voice of God who is the Source of our existences? We have eyes, could we see through our hearts into the Kingdom of God? Are we so attached and obsessed with the physical realities that we denied and lied to ourselves that we have no human spiritual bodies and even believed that there is no life after death and what happened to souls as told by visionaries and those who were given the graces to see, were nonsense? Many people will try to convince us that we are imagining things, if we believe that there is life after death and we refuted the testimonies of those who were haunted by souls of those who died prematurely and unprepared. If only we were exorcists, we would see these realities that God anointed and gifted human beings with spiritual powers and authorities to see and exorcised unclean spirits and to pray for souls that are restless as they cannot find rest after they died. Personally, I had encountered with this lost soul after Year 2000 and this was a soul of a teenage girl who committed suicide and her family was disturbed by the presence of spiritual being and they were not sure who haunt the house and as we prayed together with a group of friends, this soul took possession of one of our friends and her mother recognized her voice and hugged our friend for a about a minute in tears as the soul of her daughter came back to apologize for her actions. She still returned for a few months and was later gone. This was witnessed by her children and four of us who prayed in her house. This we report to Father Stephen Lim of what happened because it was, he who directed us to this haunted house.
So as this was personally witnessed and known by me and three of our friends, so I testified that there is life after death. So let our eyes see and our ears hear, not merely words of human wisdoms, but the Wisdom and Love of God that flows into each of our hearts as we embraced Christ into our lives. As the Spirit of God flows into the Body of Christ, so we as members of His Body will receive and experience the Holy Spirit of Christ within each of our bodies, so we will see through the Eyes of God in Jesus Christ and hear through the Ears of God in Jesus Christ. We all need to die to ourselves and rise to enter the Kingdom of God through unity of our hearts with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and only those of us who are graced to be in love with Jesus Christ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.)
Psalm 78:61-62
‘He allowed our enemies to capture the Covenant Box, the symbol of His Power and Glory. He was angry with His own people and let them be killed by their enemies.’ (Here we draw this reality to our own bodies which are supposed to be temples of the Holy Spirit and our hearts are supposed to be tabernacles or covenant boxes. We are supposed to reflect through our bodies, the Glory, and Power of God, but if we are not careful and rebelled against God, like the rebellious Israelites, we may find ourselves emptied of God’s Spirit and presences and our hearts could be captured by our common enemies who are Satan and his forces of darkness, and they defiled and plundered the whole of our once sacred bodies and tabernacles. We may think that God will never do this to us if we are as rebellious as the rebels in the Israelites who were later captured by the Babylonians, so God may surrender us over to Satan and his forces of darkness where we would be put to intense trials and chastisements, but these were for as long as God’s wrath is still with Him, but He will relent and brings His children back to Him.)
Matthew 18:21 – 19:1
… “No, not seven times,” answered Jesus, “But seventy times seven, because the Kingdom of Heaven…” (Here we need to know that in Psalm 103:12 this was stated, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. Isaiah 43:25 stated, “I Am the God who forgives your sins, and do this because of who I Am. I will not hold your sins against you.” So, we could see that God revealed that as the I Am, He is always forgiving and it is His Nature to forgive our sins and does not hold our sins against us.
Therefore, as Christians, we need to have the Nature of Christ who is God-in-the Flesh, in order that we are children of “I Am” or “Yahweh” God. Children of the Kingdom of God needed to share in the Life, Spirit and Love of God and His Nature needs to be formed in us as we progress toward full sanctifications by the Spirit of Christ within our bodies. Fully sanctified human persons are saints in Heaven, but all saints except Mother Mary have her Flesh and Blood as she assumed into Heaven Body, Soul, and Human Spirit, so the rest of the saints are still waiting for the End of Time for the resurrections of their bodies to return to their human spiritual bodies. Their human spiritual bodies are fully sanctified and these are restored into the Image and Likeness of God in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jeremiah 31:34 stated, “I will forgive their sins and I will no longer remember their wrongs.” (So here it is not God who is forgetful or that He does not want to jam His Memory with what wrongs we had committed, but rather He is looking for ways to save us and restore us into His Kingdom and Presence and with these I am sure Satan and his forces of darkness would be furious as they thought that we are in his hands and control because of our sins, but then God forgives us and we are set free from the clenches of Satan over us, but we ought to be struggling against the grips of Satan, instead of befriending Satan and enjoy his company. So only those who struggled against Satan will be those set free and we would be restored into the Presence and graces of God for each of us saints-to-be on earth.
Therefore, with God always forgiving us and giving us graces and opportunities after opportunities, we must do likewise as God through Christ had done for us. If we set others free, we are releasing them from the hands and clenches of Satan. There are times those who offended us do not know what they were doing and they did not ask for pardon, but instead justified their actions and continued to offend, hurt and slander us, but as we have God’s Eyes through Christ over our eyes, we need to count our great blessings and be grateful that we are brought over from slavery of our sins in the hands of Satan into free human beings, just because Christ dies and saves us from our sins, over and over again until our bodies returned to the soil, so could we do justice to God and our souls by returning our gratitude for Him with listening and obeying Him, so always forgive without counting the cost or numbers of times, but always and forever; these will bring great merits, rewards and blessings to our souls when we truly need God through Christ as we will be brought to His Presence when we died.)
… ‘When the other servants saw what had happened, they were very upset and went to the King and told Him everything.’ (So here our Lord, God and Father through Jesus Christ are not on a lookout for our faults, sins, and failures. Indeed, God only wants to see the goodness or the pure human natures and spirits that are in our bodies. Human beings usually looked at the faults or blackspots in our hearts and overlooked the white patches, but God and His angels and saints are not on the lookout for our dark spots and patches in our hearts, but these darkness are great obstacles for us to see the Light, so like dark clouds under the sun, prevented the sunlight from fully penetrating the earth, so too sins are these dark clouds, as although the graces and blessings of God are flowing down to us, like the sun shining its light, so too God continues to give us the Holy Spirit, but we cannot receive Him because sins are blocking us from God and His Holy Spirit. So, God does not want to lose sight of any of His children, so He does not focus on our sins, but He focus on our growth and relationships with Him. Here we could see the complains came from their fellow human beings who had been forgiven of their sins and are grateful to God. They could not bear to see the grave injustice these redeemed and ransomed sinners are doing to their fellow human beings, so they reported to God, but, God does not focus on others who complained about another human beings, because we all do not qualify to judge one another as we would be judge with the same judgments we had against others. But the cries and pleads of those who are ‘little children’ as metaphors of those who are vulnerable, helpless, voiceless, and powerless; their cries for God’s interventions when they were abused, exploited, and tormented, would be those voices that God would acts and interfere, as without God, there will be no one who care to help them in their jeopardies.)
… ‘The King was very angry, and He sent the servant to jail to be punished until he should pay back the whole amount.’ (Here we know that when we died without forgiving others as we must, we will have to pay these debts to God for whatever sins that we still refused to forgive. So, forgiveness is paramount for our salvations as without God through Christ forgiving us, our debts of sins which we will never be able to pay, even if we are to offer our bodies as burnt sacrifices and offerings, because God cannot accept victims for our sins as sinners themselves, because as the Lamb of God must be unblemished, young and perfect in all manners, so only the Unblemished Lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice of His Body will satisfied the Law of Sins for humanities. So, for us to make worthy to be inside the Lamb of God when He was Sacrificed, we need to enter the Paschal Mystery through the Holy Spirit given to us through the Bread of Life in the Body and Blood of Christ which we consumed. If we start to pay these penalties for our sins in this world, this would be ‘living Purgatory’ on earth, in sharing in the Mystery of the Paschal Passions, we ourselves are being atoned for, so too our brothers and sisters in the Family of God.
Scrutinizing ourselves as the Spirit of God reveals to us our spiritual state of beings, we could see the realities that although we are fully pardoned, redeemed and justified by God through Christ, but we are not allowing the Spirit of God to free ourselves and others from their sins, as although we intentionally wanted to forgive others, but still we frequently recalled and are greatly hurt by their offences and we refused to trust them again; by these we are refusing the flow of God’s Graces to us to them, so our blockades are the cause of us not experiencing the Love, Forgiveness and Presence of God in our lives. Indeed, the penalties fell on us, if we refused to truly forgive others, as Christ forgives us and them.)
10th August 2022.
Lily Wee.


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