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The Father in our text is Terah Abraham’s dad- Terah had a pull from God to move away from his present reality. Although no reason is given for Terah’s departure from Ur he intended to go to Canaan. He was the first one in his family destined for Canaan not Abraham. But Terah diverted from his intended destination and settled in Haran. Terah was Abraham’s father and was to live up the standards in scripture of Fatherhood.

The word father means:
Establisher-Literally because the seed of the man penetrates the egg to bring life and figuratively because he sets the atmosphere that the child is coming into.

Priest of the House- A man is expected to be the head of worship and the standard bearer for the spiritual climate in his home. The priest stands in the gap between God and the people. Men should stand with their wives in intercession and become the greatest intercessor in their house. They must freely enter into spiritual warfare for their household- No one is built for war like a man, no one is built for battle like a man. They are the generals in their houses and should not remain on the sidelines of battles.

As priest they also have the responsibility to bless their households. They should use the creative power at their disposal to shape their child’s character and reality- Adam name the animals –he spoke to their behavior, dispositions, functions and limitations. Jacob blessed his sons and spoke into their futures-Ask God for the blueprint for your child’s life. When we bless we release a seed- When Adam spoke to a tree it had no option but to reproduce. If we don’t speak into their lives someone or something else will.

Terah however did not live up to this aspect of his call. Once a man gives approval to anything in his house whether through actions or inaction he opens a door. When Terah decided to settle and to go no further his entire household was stuck-Permanent decisions in temporary situations

Terah was not acting out of character because his name means ‘waiting’ station or delay. Procrastination and delay were a part of his character.
Abraham did not end up in Canaan by mistake, he took up where his father left off. Terah must have talked about Canaan so although Abraham did not know its exact location he had an idea.

This generation is desperately in need of godly men. Every man has the responsibility to model good fatherhood. Creation is groaning waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God but the first place for this manifestation to be established is in the home.


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