Psalm 27: 13-14 New Living Translation “Yet I am confident I will see the Lord6goodness while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for

Psalm 27: 13-14 New Living Translation
“Yet I am confident I will see the Lord6goodness while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

​​Have you been praying for an answer that hasn’t arrived? Are you waiting for a promise that seems unfulfilled? Are you still looking for a breakthrough, wondering if God has forgotten about you? Take heart. He hasn’t. He is already at work in your situation……You are in His waiting room. A few articles ago I wrote that God’s line is never busy and He’s always there to answer, and it’s true, it’s just that sometimes His answer is “not yet”.

God’s waiting room may be the most important space we encounter in life. It’s where God tests our commitment and grows our faith. As we wait on the Lord, we learn and experience trust. Habakkuk 2:3 says, “But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, don’t despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue by a single day!”

How we emerge from God’s waiting room is dependent on our attitude. If we complain, argue with God, or feel sorry for ourselves we may miss God’s voice. But, if we are still, obedient, trusting, and faithful we will more likely receive what He wants to show/teach us.

Sometimes God puts us in the waiting room against our will to give us an opportunity to change – sort of like an eye opener. He doesn’t force us to do what’s right, but longs for us to choose the change that is needed.

Waiting on God requires us to put aside our way of doing things and trust His timing and plan – hard, I know, but so rewarding! Abraham was hundred years old when he finally had his son, Isaac!

There are so many wonderful blessings and benefits to being in God’s waiting room. Waiting brings renewal and strength. Sometimes waiting is the best thing for building our faith. Also, we realize that God’s timetable is not our timetable. We have to understand that time does not limit God’s power. To Him, a day is like thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. When we grasp this truth, we can’t justify anxiety over waiting. We have to remember to not try to alter God’s timetable. We tend to try and make things happen on our own instead of just saying, “God, I am going to keep moving and doing, and You direct my path. I am going to trust You for what You promised back there, to bring it to pass up ahead.”

If you are in God’s waiting room right now remember this: delay is not denial.

“Take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul – He’s in the waiting, yes, He’s in the waiting” (Bethel Music)

Kerry Lytle
Sep 17th 2022 Growing In Faith Article
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