Satan’s number one lie today is that you can have both the world and God. So many people think they can sin their way to heaven. That’s classic th

Satan’s number one lie today is that you can have both the world and God.

So many people think they can sin their way to heaven.

That’s classic the flesh. The flesh is always trying to drive us towards a little bit more pleasure. Another desire fufilled. Just going over the line a little bit.

If you’ve made it to adulthood, then you know what I’m talking about.

You sit down to watch an episode, and you watch a whole season.

You sit down for a slice of cake, and you eat the whole thing.

Your wife needs some help with the chores, and you’ll get up in five minutes. 3 hours later you haven’t moved, and you’ve got yourself a clean house and an angry wife.

Think about all of those times your flesh convinced you to go a little too far, and you ended up way off the mark in a disaster.

This is how people can end up believing rediculous things like they can sin their way to heaven. It’s obviously wrong, and logically it doesn’t make any sense, and the bible says that’s not how it works over and over again, but the flesh doesn’t care about all that.

The flesh wants the pleasure of doing wrong, and also the reward of doing good. It doesn’t understand that it can’t have both.

So folks, it’s time to grow up.

It is so embarrassing to watch an adult succumb to the flesh over and over again.

Some people reach middle or even old age, and they just keep making the same mistakes. They keep letting their flesh humilitate them over and over again.

They keep believing lies that they don’t have to put any effort into living a better life, because, somehow, it’ll all be ok.

But I got some good news for ya. Jesus Christ freed us from being enslaved to our flesh. If we stay faithful to Him, as to a spouse, we will have the power to completely triumph over our flesh and this entire world.

That’s what the message below is about. It was written by a true prophet of God, and it is very profound. It is spiritual meat that can help us grow spiritually. It’s a little scary, going 100% in for Jesus Christ, but don’t get intimidated. Read the message anyway, and may God give us all the grace to live its truth.

Praise Jesus Christ!


Wise or Foolish? Part 4

2 Cor 11:2 For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you
Notice apostle Paul is saying this to the Corinthian church.
I am jealous over you; I am so jealous.
I have tried to espouse you and marry you to one husband,

Not the world.
But Jesus Christ,
All’s I preach is Christ.
I don’t want to know anything among you except Christ.

It don’t matter.
I’m not going to talk about the banquets and the football games.
And all of that stuff.

I only want you to be in love with God.
That’s the only message I got church.
Is for you to love him…
Your husband.

A virgin,
Unmixed, undefiled with this world.
Never being tainted,
By this wicked world.

That’s my goal.

I am jealous.
I long for you to be married to Christ.

Now you understand the passion this man had,
I pray that i could have it.

For I am jealous over you with a godly jealousy.
For I have married you to one husband.
That I may present you as a chaste,
A pure unmarried daughter to Christ.

Never becoming married to this world!

Every gospel,
All the people around you,
Are trying to get you to be married to the world.

That means the love for money.
The love for fame.
All of that worldly stuff.
They’re trying to get you to be divided,
And be married to that system.

And you have to keep yourself pure.
Wholly devoted to keep your eyes on the returning coming King.
Jesus Christ.
Who you long to see.
Who you haven’t seen and yet love.
And keep the word of God.

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Verse 3 But I fear,

Even after this passion,
And he presents them,
With everything he’s got as,
A chaste virgin to Christ.

He still fears because of the carnal flesh.

Lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, (told you what that was, subtilling)
so, your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity (singleness) that is to be towards Christ.

If you look up the word “simplicity”
In the Greek simplicity is ἁπλότης (haplotés) and means,
Singleness, single vision.

Remember when Jesus said if your eye is not single,
The whole body shall become dark.

Some say “Michael, I lost my way. Can you pray for me!”

No, I can’t.
I’ve given you the oil

My oil, my lamp is burning.

Some say “oh, but please, he’s ready to come. I feel it, He’s coming.”

There’s a cry made “Michael, do you got the message, do you got the truth?”
I gave it to you for years man, I gave it to you for years. I got no more left. I just got enough for my family, to bring them in. I’m sorry.

Lest your mind become corrupted form being single towards your love for Christ.
When I was worshipping earlier, I was literally wrapping Jesus Christ around my body in the Spirit.
I was literally squeezing Him and just adoring Him and loving Him more than anything.
I had no thought of anything except pure love, unadulterated towards Christ my coming King.

The one I long to see.
To receive the end of my salvation.
The salvation of my totality.
My soul.

By God’s humble servant and prophet of Jesus Christ, Michael Endtimeprophet


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