THE LAND THAT HAS LOST ITS PEACE The Story That Depicts The Passage In 1 John 2:5-17, Culled From Dipo Toby Alakija Missionary Book Titled: The Days O

The Story That Depicts The Passage In 1 John 2:5-17, Culled From Dipo Toby Alakija Missionary Book Titled: The Days Of Gross Darkness.
There is a town called Ayetoro, which literarily means the land of peace. There was great peace in the town because everybody, both children and parents knew the right thing to do and they all did it. The children did not need to be scolded or canned before they did the right thing and the parents always provided the best they could afford for their children. Besides that, the people loved sharing what they have with one another. More importantly, they always go to Church to serve God.
There was one man called Ota Daluru. The name literarily means that the enemy tampers with the peace in the land. He is the king in a town called Ayeigbeku, which literarily means the land of bondage. He hated the peace in Ayetoro so much that he seeks for ways to turn it into chaos. He desires to change joy of the people into sorrow, love into hatred, riches into poverty, relief into pains, good health into sickness and good things into bad things in the land.
He begins to depress the people by making them to fight with one another, steal each other’s things and commit so much sin that made God angry at them.
Ota Daluru was always happy when there is problem in the town. When he hears that God sends His Son to bring peace back into Ayetoro, he became very sad. He wants to rule the land of peace and cause lots of mischief there. He decides to send three good looking messengers called Oro Aye who was a very wealthy man, Igberaga Aye who was a very proud and arrogant man and Ifekufe Ara who was very beautiful and friendly prostitute.
These three people looked very good and attractive but they are all very dangerous and deadly to anyone who chooses anyone of them as a friend. They all go together to Ayetoro to cause trouble and win the town back to their king, Ota Daluru.
Ota Daluru gave them more than enough attractions, powers and money which they need in enticing and putting the people, especially youths into captivity. He puts Oro Aye to be in charge of all the funds. Igberage Aye is in charge of some powers while Ifekufe is made the centre of attractions.
Whenever anyone of these messengers needs what he or she lacks, the other provides it. For instance, if Igberaga Aye needs some money to show off, he would simply ask Oro Aye to give it to him or when Ifekufe Ara needs some powers to pull crowd, Igberaga Aye provides it. If Oro Aye wants to attract people, Ifekufe Aye is available for him.
The first thing these messengers do in the town is to build a very big and beautiful house each. They buys cars and everything money can buy. At first the people in Ayetoro regard them as complete strangers but when they begin to throw parties, proving that they are kind and friendly by giving them presents, many people begin to make friends with them.
The three messengers quickly made friends with both young and old, small and big, males and females, children and parents, black and white. Oro Aye gives some people in the town lots of money, making others envious of them. All the people that get their money through Oro Aye become servants of Ota Daluru and friends of other messengers. Igberaga Aye either makes the people feel proud and arrogant or Oro Aye makes them enter into covenant with Ota Daluru. Ifekufe Ara influences them to lust after one another like street dogs. The implication of these covenants or friendships with any of these messengers is to lose the mansion in Eternity, the place which Prince of Peace promises those who believes and follows what He teaches them in The Bible.
The Prince of Peace is actually the Son of God called Jesus Christ who brings peace into the town the second time long after the fall of man in a place called Garden Of Eden.
These who make their money through Oro Aye begin to look down on other people. Some people soon become enemies of the rich through what they do and say about each other. The poor people would say, ‘when they had nothing, they are our friends. Now that they are rich, they think they are gods.’
Whenever they were together, the rich would say to one another, talking about the poor, ‘those poor people are foolish or lazy. They know how we work hard before we can make money through Oro Aye. Instead of them to do the same thing; they expect us to give them money. If we keep doing that, we’ll become poor like them.’
Igberaga Aye who sometimes sits to chat with them would say, ‘it is the rich that makes friends with the rich. Let the poor makes friends with the poor. I would advise you never to let any poor people come near you. Even if a member of your family is poor, don’t allow him come around.’ He teaches them songs.
Let the rich makes friends with the rich
And let the poor makes friend with the poor…
We are all well fed and satisfied
We don’t care about anyone who is hungry
And we don’t care if anyone is dying of hunger!
The rich are fond of singing these songs either with their mouths or by whistling them through their attitudes.
Some of the poor people, especially the youths became angry at the rich for singing the songs. They declared war against the rich people and started going into their houses to rob them of their money. They at times killed many of them. Then it became unsaved to make money through Oro Aye. What was once a peaceful town soon turned into a battlefield. Many rich people want to keep their money and at the same time their peace. They covet the security of the poor but they are unwilling to part with their money. The poor people too want the money of the rich and the power that goes along it but they do not like the insecurity of their lives. Through the activities of these fine looking messengers of Ota Daluru, the peace at Ayetoro is greatly threatened.
Ifekufe Ara messes around many homes in the land. She engages husbands in illicit love affairs and makes their wives so jealous to the extent that some are ready to kill. She also fools around with youths and influences them to be involved in indiscriminate sex. She promotes entertainers and uses them to corrupt the people, making them to dressed almost naked in the streets. She would organize different kinds of parties and make the people considered immoralities that were once strange in the land as a civilized way of life. As if that was not bad enough, she would use media, movies and music to brainwash the people, making them to completely lose their moral values. When the older generation who appreciated moral values, especially the ones they learnt in the Church complained, many people considered them as old fashioned. Some parents who could not stand and watch their children joining the bad wagon of Ifekufe Ara try to discipline and inculcate values in them but most of them were faced with either failures or rebellious children. Within a short while, most homes are either broken or filled with rebellious children.
Having gotten so many followers with so much influence, the messengers of Ota Daluru combined forces and move their activities into the Church, invading the place that was once the headquarters of morals and values in the town. They raised new-age preachers and silenced old-time ministers that preach against them.
They introduced money worship in the Church, sex worship and arrogance which are weapons of rebellious spirit. Before anyone knows it, many people of God, including so many pastors and other ministers have become friends or messengers of Ota Daluru. Most people become so close to the enemies to the extent that they dine with them. Before the end of everything, the people have lost the peace they once enjoyed. Apart from this, the messengers succeed in making most of the people to become subjects of Ayeigbeku with Ota Daluru as their king.
Ayetoro is now called Ayedaru, which literarily means the land has lost its peace. However, there are still some people in the land who know God will soon destroy the whole town and throw those who become followers of Ota Daluruu into a lake which burns with fire. So they follow the words in the Bible like a traveler who uses a map as guide in his journey. They feed on the Bible like a hungry man that takes his meal. They drink the Bible like a thirsty man who drinks water. They live by the Bible like a man who breaths in and out with his nose. They study the Bible like a student who is determined to pass his examination during trying period and they preach the Bible to everybody like a man who tried to warn everybody of the disaster ahead of them.
This is the story of Ayetoro, the land that has lost its peace.


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