THE LORD WHO PROVIDES Culled From Dipo Toby Alakija Missionary Book Titled: The Young Generation Bible Club Story Book. Bible Lesson Notes In The Stor

Culled From Dipo Toby Alakija Missionary Book Titled: The Young Generation Bible Club Story Book.
Bible Lesson Notes In The Story
1. God supplies all the needs of His children through many ways (Philippians 4:16-19)
2. God can use even a sinner as a vessel to help or bless others but He will cast him away on the day of judgment if he does not repent (Matthew 7:22-23)
3. Great faith in God brings great miracles (Hebrew 11:1-12)
There were twin sisters whose parents died in a car accident in an Asian country. They had to live with their aged grand mother who always struggled to feed them.
Granny, as she was called by the twin sisters, was a very strong Christian. She taught the girls how to build faith in Jesus Christ and how to trust the Lord to always provide for them.
All of them usually experienced miracles one way or the other.
They had a farmland where they used to plant and harvest crops for sale or for food. The Lord always brought great harvest in the farm. Because they know it was the Lord that provided for them, Grammy taught the twin sisters the need to share their things with needy people.
There was a time, however, when rain did not fall, causing great famine in the land.
There was no enough food and enough water in the river. Of course, there was no money too.
The twin sisters and their Granny felt the famine so much that they always prayed that God should continue to feed them.
One day, Granny felt like eating some bread but there was no money to buy it. The twin sisters and Granny decided to talk to God about it. They prayed in the sitting room, saying, ‘Lord, you have always provided for us. Please, Lord, give us some loaves of bread in Jesus’ name. Amen!’
Some naughty boys who heard them praying while playing outside said among themselves, ‘let’s give them some bread and make them feel it is the Lord that provided it. When they have finished eating it, we’ll go and tell them we gave them the bread and not the Lord.’
They all agreed to fool them. They contribute some money among themselves and went to buy some loaves of bread. They packed them in a nylon bag and threw it inside the sitting room through the window.
The twin sisters and Granny were very happy that God answered their prayers, saying, ‘God must have sent an angel to give us some bread!’
When the boys heard them, they laughed.
Granny and the girls prayed and sang praises to the Lord for the bread before they started eating it. Just as they finished eating, the boys came into the house to tell them they were the ones that gave them the loaves of bread, not God.
‘No, you didn’t give us the bread,’ one of the sisters said. ‘It’s the good Lord that sent it to us when we prayed.’
‘We heard you prayed for bread and we went to buy it. We threw the bread through the window so that we can fool you and make you believe that the Lord gave you.’
Granny replied, ‘it’s Lord that still gave us the bread even if He sent the devil to give it to us!’
The boys were disappointed when they heard that. They had hoped to make their faith in Jesus appeared like foolishness by giving them the bread. Now it had made them appeared like the fools who God used to give them the bread!


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