TWENTIETH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: FRIDAY Ezekiel 37:6 “I will give you sinews and muscles, and cover you with skin. I will put breath into you

Ezekiel 37:6
“I will give you sinews and muscles, and cover you with skin. I will put breath into you and bring you back to life.” (Here, let us bring this deeper than flesh and blood, but into the human spiritual bodies and what make these spiritual bodies alive and whole. Our bodies need food, shelter, medicine, water, air and love together with other basic necessities to sustain healthy human lives on earth, but what do our souls need basically to stay spiritually healthy, strong and sane? We need air to breath in order to be alive and what about our souls? What do they need to be alive? They need to breath into their spiritual nostrils and spiritual lungs, the Breath of God or the Holy Spirit and without the Holy Spirit, it is like human beings living without air. What do the spiritual bodies need to stay healthy? They need the right dispositions and compositions of Spirit that is sourced from God through the Sacred Body and Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be spiritual whole is to be like Jesus Christ in the Right Dispositions and Compositions of God’s Spirit in His Body. So, if we are in Communion with the Sacred Heart and Body of our Lord Jesus Christ and do not stifle, limit or choose what Spirit should flow and stay within our bodies; then we will have the Right Dispositions and Compositions of God’s Spirit for human beings to be perfect, good and whole. We could see that the two Persons God created that are meant, willed and have perpetual wholeness and perfections are Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary. Therefore, to be like Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary is to be perfect, good and whole as human beings. All saints in Heaven are graced by God through Christ to achieve these wholeness, goodness and perfection in their human spiritual bodies, so with these perfection, goodness and wholeness of their human spiritual bodies, their physically dead bodies will be resurrected at the End of Time in the same perfection, goodness and wholeness as their spiritual bodies. These are ways God through Christ shares His Victory of His Body, Soul and Human Spirit with all human beings whom God had called, chosen and set apart to be saints in Heaven.)
Psalm 107:4
‘Some wandered in the trackless desert and could not find their way to a city to live in.’ (Here, we on earth are like these human beings. We are looking for the City of God in our hearts, souls and human spirits, but most of us are lost, if we do not have the Good Shepherd coming to us to fetch us back to the City of God or His Kingdom in Heaven through His Kingdom on earth, and as those whom God saved by filling them with His Light, Glory and Love; these know that they are in the City of God as the Lord’s Glory, Light and Love shine and fill our bodies with what come from Heaven and of God. Like a Christmas Tree as an analogy of the track that was lighted up with bulbs. The Star above the Tree is an analogy of the Star of Bethlehem or the Star that guides human beings to the City of God, so the light circles round the green Christmas Tree and we who are below the Tree and from the jungle, start to move along the trail of the light from the Star and we could see ourselves moving from the jungle or desert into the trail of God’s Light, so along this trail of Light that comes from God, those who are servants of God and His Light will be those who help us along this trail to the City of God, as these are indeed human angels who help and guides us to God.)
Verse 5, stated, ‘They were hungry and thirsty and had given up hope.’ (Here, we could see that in their desperations to find the Light of God through Christ, they were ensnared by Satan as Satan fought against their deepest desires and passions for spiritual food and water. We personally experienced when we come closer and closer to God, Satan will use tricks, traps and snares that would be hard to recognize, avoid and reject. Personally, when I try to come closer to God, I could sense the presence of Satan who would try his utmost to get me away from my hope, plan and desire, fulfilled and realized. I could even hear his voices and those from hell, but the Lord did not leave me alone as He fought back against Satan, like what He did to Lucifer through Angel Michael; God won the War and battles against Satan and he was cast down to hell.
So, before our deepest desires and hope to enter the City of God and lives in this City, we must co-operate with God through His angels and saints and not to give up hope even though the trials get even stronger, as we must resist and fight alongside God, through His angels and saints to defeat the forces of Darkness within our hearts, others and the world, but the victories within our bodies will bear fruits of Victory in the Kingdom of God on earth and Heaven. In order for the Light of Christ to shine to others and the world, we need the Light of Christ to illuminate fully our hearts, souls and minds; so, if God through Christ takes flesh in our bodies and consecrates them to be temples of the Holy Spirit, then we could see those whom God through Christ wants to save streaming or moving higher into the temples and sanctuaries of God in our bodies. Through God’s Presence in His temples and sanctuaries of our bodies, we could see the powers, authorities and loves of God flowing down through our hearts to those who are still below the City of God and are still in the state of despair, longing to be fed and thirst quenched.)
Verse 6, stated ‘Then in their trouble they called to the Lord, and He saved them from their distress.’ (So, here we could see that the Lord our God, in the past looked down from Heaven and keep watch over His children, but since the First Pentecost, we know that Jesus lived for thirty-three years on earth and He never suffer the pain of old age, He was never sick with cancer, stroke, diabetes and He was never physically blind, handicap and disable. Then, after the First Pentecost, Jesus Christ’s Spirit offers to live within human beings who welcome Him into their lives, so if we are suffering from old age, we who are aging and old with muscles and bodily weaknesses of all sorts and forms; just because Jesus Christ offers to stay within our bodies, He shares all our aging pain and problems. He lives in those who are mentally and emotionally weak and shares the contempt and mockeries the children of this world are hurling on us who are below the standard of physical abilities. He lives in those who are suffering and enduring the traumas of stroke and He shares the pain and suffering of stroke patients. He offers to live inside the bodies of those who are suffering from diabetes and He helps us to endure the consequences of this disease. He offers to live in the bodies of the materially poor and suffer humiliation within their bodies. He offers to live with those who are heartbroken and He wants to heal our brokenness by the Presence of His Spirit to take over the vacuum left behind by those whom we shared conjugal love with. Therefore, in any state of wretchedness, suffering and pain human beings enter and go through, God through Christ offers His Spirit as He says to us, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest,” as written in Matthew 11:28.)
Matthew 22:34-40
… Jesus answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (So, personally for me to sustain God’s holiness and purity within me, I must strive with my utmost to put God first above all things be these physical or spiritual; focusing on God as my highest priorities. This mean that if God decided to take away any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit from me, He alone has the right and this is at His discretions. So, when He allowed my speech to become obstacles, I was drawn into His Presence and I still hear His Voice, loud, clear together with experiencing His gentleness, kindness and compassion. I was lack of nothing even when I have to struggle to get my voices and words clear especially to my family members, customers and friends. I know that with this speech impediment, I was much more compose, calm and at peace with myself, others and God. I was happy to suffer and this would mean that I would not be able to verbally prophesize and to evangelize through verbal expressions, but still there is a deep and profound Peace of God within my heart. I was happy to have what I am having, although I know that as I age, more and more will become deterrent and hindrance for even basic obligations, roles and duties of which these will regress or worsen, until we would end up dependent on others. Trusting in the Providence and Hands of God would see that we shall be lack of nothing, because God will send help when these are needed and for all those who would be there to help when I cannot help myself; these human beings, could be our spouses, children or any human beings who were friends of strangers, will be anointed with the Holy Spirit to see to the needs of those in need. Indeed we cannot force our children, against their wills to help us as parents and to say that they are indebted to us, so these are their obligations and duties and if they refused to do so; we should bless them as well, because what we gave to our children when they were our dependents do not forced on them to help us, but if they do help us in our needs, then the same blessings of God to strangers and volunteers will fall on our children as well, so they will receive the blessings, approval and graces of God.
Although, the gifts of the Holy Spirit will stay within us for perpetuality, but physical disabilities and weaknesses of the physical bodies will not warrant or support these gifts to be physically exercised, but still these gifts stayed within our hearts, souls and human spirits, as these become parts of our beings and lives.
Therefore, loving God with all our hearts, focused on our relationships and Communion with God above all other physical treasures, assets and glories. Loving God with all our souls required that we open our hearts to the full access, authority and power of God over our souls. Loving God with all our minds required that all activities, emotions, passions and desires of our hearts and minds are those of God within our beings, as we saw what Jesus Christ did when He was on earth, revealed to us that He alone is the Role Model of Perfection, Holiness and Sanctity. So, allowing the Spirit of Christ full and free unlimited access to our hearts, souls and minds; will culminate in us being restored into God’s Image and Likeness. So as Christ put God as the Lord, Master and Teacher of His Heart, Soul and Mind, so we too through Christ’s Nature forms in us will see the Fruit of His Humanity forms in us as well.)
… “The second most important Commandment is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’” (So, here we could see that loving our neighbors may seemed easy, but when Jesus related this to the Good Samaritan, this was truly shameful and humiliating to the Jews who prided themselves as those who knew the Laws and Teachings of God inside-out and they believed that they were disciples of the Laws and Teachings of God, but Jesus sternly warned them that what they were doing were the opposite of what they were supposed to do in relationships to the Laws and Teachings of God. When God through Christ says that our enemies whom we looked with contempt and animosities were right; these would truly become great struggles within us to see, face and accept the truth.
Therefore, when we have the Spirit of Christ within us, He will transform and restore us into persons that God meant us to be. It is through the Spirit of Christ within us that we will be able through His Grace to love God with the whole of our hearts, souls and minds. Therefore, for us to be pleasing to God, we need to humble and worship God, in order to love and imitate Him, so we are disciples of Christ to love the Laws of God and His Teachings. We can never try to justify ourselves that we are doing exactly as God through Christ wants us to do, because we cannot stop learning, listening, obeying, and loving the Laws and Teachings of God until these are fully form within the depths and cores of our beings. Our spiritual goals are to be totally the Image and Likeness of God in Jesus Christ, so until we reach Heaven, our hearts, souls and minds are still incapable of justifying and worthy of being children of God and true offspring of God through Christ.)
18th August 2022.
Lily Wee.


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