TWENTIETH WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: THURSDAY Ezekiel 36:24 “I will take you from every nation and country and bring you back to your own land.”

Ezekiel 36:24
“I will take you from every nation and country and bring you back to your own land.” (Here we could use the Words of God to Prophet Ezekiel and bring these to our times, since the First Pentecost, whereby since that Day, till the End of Time, God is gathering all His children from the land of Israel and all Gentile and Pagan territories across the globe of the earth, irrespective of the nations or countries that they belonged and the Kingdom of God will consist of the Israelites, Gentiles and Pagans, who are all welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven, through being converted to Jesus Christ. Here, we need to know that at the End of Time, and even during our death, we will not look and differentiate or separate and divide human beings according to which countries they belonged and beside those already baptized in water and the Holy Spirit, there will be those whose hearts are zealous and have deep devotions and loves for God, but they had yet to know Jesus Christ while they were in this world; these too God will see to their salvations, but only when they are converted to God through the Glorious Son of Man. Those who had yet to know Jesus Christ when they were in this world, will know that the God whom they worshipped in fervent zeal, love and devotion is the Glorious Son of Man, our Lord Jesus Christ. In this world and in the realm of the Spirit where God in the Glorious Son of Man is Lord of lords, God of gods, King of kings; therefore if we truly worshipped God, these human beings are worshipping “Yahweh” God as our God is the Lord and God of the universe in both physical and spiritual state of beings; this universe with human beings and creatures, together with all that makes this world and universe homes for human beings, are merely a small portions of what is in the Kingdom of God, but this is the soil of which God created to give human flesh and blood to His children and we are offspring of God through Jesus Christ. So, there is no other gods, lords and masters, except the Lord, Master and God, in the Glorious Son of Man, so the Key and Door into the Kingdom of Heaven is the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ and our keys to enter is to be in love with Jesus Christ and that is the purpose of our human hearts, made by God to be in Communion with Him through the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, in the realm of the Spirit, this is between Heaven and Hell, God and Satan, so too Light and Darkness; the choice is ours to make and where do we want to store our treasures? Is it in Heaven or earth? If earth, these treasures will turn to hell as our storage rooms.)
Verse 25, this was stated, “I will sprinkle clean water on you and make you clean from all your idols and everything else that has defiled you.” (Here we may think defiling ourselves is through what the Jews believed, like entering into sinful places, eating with sinners and not complying with the laws, rules and regulations handed down by their ancestors. Defilement of our hearts, souls and human spirits are when we welcome evil and unclean spirits sourced and of the chains of his presence in human beings; these are not about physical mixing and befriending them or having relationships with sinners and those who rejected God, but these are very much concerned with whether we welcome them by being indifferent with what spirits are within these human beings, instead of being beacons of light or lamps lighted up with the Light of the Holy Spirit, we instead started to assimilate the darkness and evil presences in others into our lighted houses, temples and God’s dwelling presences in our bodies. We started to see through the eyes of Satan and sinners, instead of seeing through the Eyes of God and through Jesus Christ. Jesus entered into the tax-collector’s houses or sinners’ domains, where there are immoral women, prostitutes and sinners, not to condone and supported their past of sins, but to rescue sinners out from the dungeons of hell. When we started to be indifferent to what transpired within others, when within these human beings are the hideouts for Satan and his evil spirits and we supported them without praying for their conversions; we are not being bearers and beacons of God’s Light and Truth to them, because at the end of their lives, these human beings have to face the truth and we the bearers of God’s Light and Truth, showed them support when we are in the podium or seat of God’s Authority on earth, because others could see the Light of God within us, so they sought our approvals for their actions as though they were seeking the decisions and wills of God for them, but we did not say anything or pray for their conversions; if these souls sank to hell, who are responsible? God will take us responsible for their falling into hell, when we could help them, we failed to show them the Way. All these we need to be aware, or else we would be accountable for sinners if they fall to hell.
So, at the end of our lives or End of Time we could see that God who wants everyone whom He Called, Chosen and Set apart to enter Heaven; graces will flow to these saints-to-be and like ‘water being poured’ to clean our souls, so too the graces of God like dews from Heaven in the form of His Sanctifying Grace will flow back to all human souls of those whom God had Chosen and Set apart for the Kingdom of Heaven. As we are being raised higher and higher, we would be like moons coming near to the sun; therefore, our souls will be brighter, more radiant and the Glory of God is assimilated and reflected through the saints-to-be, until their souls are assimilated and entered the sun; these are what must happen before we ascend fully into the Holy Presence and Sanctuary of God in Heaven. So, when we are assimilated, absorbed and entered the sun or God, we will then totally reflect God in His Image and Likeness, so we will all be ‘little Jesus Christ’ or full members of His Mystical Body. What are within the ‘little Jesus Christ’ are what are in the Body of Jesus Christ, so God sees us and He sees Jesus Christ in His Glory and Honor in each of His children and saints in Heaven.)
Matthew 22:1-14
… ‘So, the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, good and bad alike; and the Wedding Hall was filled with people.’ (So, here we could see that God through Christ was putting the blame on the Jewish people whom God had chosen, set apart to be the Nation of nations, whereby, if they did not reject God; these days we will see there is needless of God through Christ choosing Peter and the Disciples to be the leaders and heads of the Church or congregations of the New Temple of Jerusalem, because the Jewish religious leaders, chief priests, scribes and Pharisees will be the heads, leaders and the keys of God’s Kingdom will be given to every high priests and chief priests as well and the laws and teachings of God would be reinforced through the Power of the Spirit in Christ’s Body and the Holy of holies will be the Holy Tabernacle of the New and Everlasting Covenant, but they rejected Jesus Christ who is the fulfillment of the Promise of God to the Israelites, so Jesus revealed that the invited guests refused to come and these were busy with their mundane activities of ‘fattening’ themselves, not with the Spiritual Graces and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but rather on the material things of this world, so we all as shepherds in Christ, whether as leaders of the Church or lay leaders or matured Christians and Catholics who are mothers and fathers to the young and little ones, need to share in the Mission of Christ as we are working for God and are His servants and instruments on earth, so we are to fatten ourselves on the graces and loves of God; sharing these graces and blessings with our fellow human beings, be these our biological or spiritual children of God.)
‘The King went in to look at the guests and saw a man who was not wearing Wedding Clothes. ‘Friend, how did you get in here without Wedding Clothes?’ (So, here we need to be aware that if we are involved in spiritual activities, like Yoga and all other activities that belonged to groups that do not have the ‘Wedding Clothes’ but seeming able to ascend to great height and entered the Wedding Feast’s Hall, then we need to take the Words of Jesus Christ seriously, because no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without the ‘Wedding Clothes’ which is the clothing of the Spirit of Christ. Let us read from Revelation 12:1, and this stated, ‘A great sign appeared in Heaven; a Woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of Twelve Stars on her head;’ these we are familiar that Mary is clothed with the sun and this mean that her whole physical body is filled with the Holy Spirit and only through Christ’s Spirit, God resides in our bodies, souls and human spirits. Therefore, if we think that we could ‘steal’ our way or try to intrude the ‘scanning power’ of God and evade or escape the Supreme Authority of God, then, these Words of Jesus Christ are for us, because these are thieves and robbers, who are goats and wolves in sheep-clothing.)
… ‘But the man said nothing. (Here, we could see that those who tried to steal their ways into the Kingdom of Heaven without the Spirit of Christ will find themselves in the state of silence, because they knew they were wrong and when caught, they knew that the punishment will be grave and deadly, so even if they speak, their voices will be terrible, as these voices without the Spirit of Christ is without God, so being absence of God is Satanic and demonic, so if they speak, these are voices of Satan. So at the End of Time and even now since the First Pentecost, those who had yet to know, believe and accept Jesus Christ and His Spirit is not within human bodies, these human spiritual and physical bodies are yet to be saved, but most human beings who feared and loved God and accepted His Holy Spirit, will progress toward receiving the Spirit of Christ, so they too will have hope of entering the Kingdom of Heaven with the Wedding Clothes, but these will not be ‘automatic’, like the Phoenician woman who came to Jesus Christ, she was humble and have faith in Jesus Christ and not the gods and spirits that her ancestors worshipped, so too could those who are without Christ’s Spirit have the faiths and humilities of the likeness of this Phoenician woman? If so, they too will receive what those who already have the Wedding Gowns received through Christ Jesus, so salvation is not what we see from the eyes of human beings, but in God’s Sight through Christ, God sees differently.)
… “Tie him up hand and foot, and throw him outside in the dark. There he will cry and gnash his teeth.” (So, this revealed that after intense scrutiny by God through Christ in the Holy Spirit, at the end of our lives or the End of Time, all those who are without the Wedding Clothes or Spirit of Christ, will be thrown into the fire of hell, so there is no salvation without Christ and it is prerequisite or a must to have the Spirit of Christ to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and we need to know that not even Elijah, Abraham, Moses or the great prophets and teachers of Israel, could enter the Kingdom of Heaven, before Jesus Christ takes His Seat on His Father’s Right-Hand, so too no one amongst the Jews, Gentiles and Pagans could enter the Kingdom of Heaven, unless we are in love with Jesus Christ.)
17th August 2022.
Lily Wee.


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