TWENTY-FIRST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: MONDAY 2 Thessalonians 1:12 ‘In this way the Name of our Lord Jesus will receive glory from you, and you

2 Thessalonians 1:12
‘In this way the Name of our Lord Jesus will receive glory from you, and you from Him, by the Grace of our God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.’ (So, these were prophetic Words of God through St Paul and these revealed to us that by God’s actions within, in and through us, God’s Name will be glorified. Simultaneously when God’s Name through Christ is glorified in us, we too will be glorified by God Himself.
Looking at the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ we could see that the Divinity of the Son of Man was overpowered and shadowed by His Divinity as God Almighty. His physical Body became transparent whereby the Divine Light and Glory of God shone through His Body. As God is the Lord and God of the laws of science and physic, so too we could see that this law did not have power over the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. The law of gravity cannot pull Him down, so too the law of science and physic cannot overshadow or have any say on His Divinity, so in the physical Body of the Son of Man, God shone out through His Body.
So too we are all called to be transfigured by the Presence of God through Christ in our bodies, so that others could see God within our physical bodies. We are temples of the Holy Spirit when we are within the Temple of Jesus Christ physical Body. Inside His Body, we all will proceed to progress and move upward, lifted and rose into His Divinity. So, in the Body of Christ, we will be united with God. Therefore, as Christians, we are bearers of the Name of Jesus Christ as others should be able to see God through Christ within our bodies.)
Psalm 96:5
‘The gods of all nations are only idols, but the Lord created the heavens.’ (Findings in Dictionary by Farlex, referred to various forms of idols:
Firstly, a material effigy that is worshipped, like an idol by Aaron for the Israelites to worship. Secondly, someone who is adored blindly and excessively and thirdly, ideal—the idea of something that is perfect; something one hope to attain. Gold standard—a paragon of excellence; academic education is the gold standard against which other educational activity is pejoratively (negatively or belittling) judged.
The above will be eyes openers to us that we committed idolatry in various manners, not merely through going into pagan temples, bowed down and worships their gods, but there are modern forms of idolatries which we obviously saw these sprouting in human beings, whereby we separate one groups from another by academic achievements, by material wealth, glories, honors and influences. We looked up with deep admirations and even adorations on certain groups of people and we despised and looked down on those who are below us, while we compete amongst ourselves on those who are in the same levels of worth as us. These are natures, outlooks and attitudes that are deplorable by God through Christ and the Spirit of God will raise all human beings to the same level of standard, not based on the standard and judgments of the children and people of this world, but the standard of God in excellences are found in Jesus Christ Himself as the Perfect Role Model of excellence in the Eyes of God His Father, so too Mother Mary and all saints in Heaven; these are role models of Perfections, Excellence, Favorable and pleasing to God always.
Therefore the mountains and hills of pride, arrogant, self-glorifications and righteousness must be removed and all of us need to be on level ground, looking up only to God and not looking down on anyone in this journey of lives, because the worth of human beings are not in what they possess materially in this world, but the worth is on the holiness, purity, righteousness and glory of God within every bodies, souls and human spirits; if we do not have any of these goodness from God, then the glories and honors that we receive from others and self-acclaimed are deceitful. When God does not see His worth and glory in us, we are worth nothing.
‘gods of other nations are idols,’ so we need to know that if our worship of God does not source from the worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; these gods are nothing, but today we could see the ignorant of human beings who still worshipped God in different images. Although in those who hungered and thirsted for God are within human beings, but before the coming of Jesus Christ, no one could draw any image of God as we could see that He appeared in natures of Light, Fire, Thunders and Lightnings, He appeared as clouds, water and so forth and there was no physical image of God to describe God, but when “Yahweh” God entered into time, space and earth, He appeared as Human Being and He is the Son of God in the Son of Man, so, from that Day of His Conception, Birth, Death and Resurrection, we know that human beings who are created in God’s Image and Likeness are His offspring as we are sons and daughters of God in the Son of Man, our Lord Jesus Christ. So, in and through Jesus Christ we find the Mystery of the unseen God, seen and alive in Flesh and Blood. He lives, preaches, heals and restores human beings through His Spirit residing in human hearts, souls and human spirits. So those who have not accepted the God of gods, should then and now, be made to know that the God of Israel is the God of gods and all others gods are idols. Here we also need to know that when Aaron agreed to the Israelites in making an image of God as a Calf from all the golds and treasures collected from the Israelites, as Moses took too long on Mount Sinai and the Israelites were growing desperate for the God of Israel, so this golden calf represented the God of Israel, but God wrath was on all those who participated in making this idol and those who worshipped this idol. So, we all need to know that the Image of God need above all to be the Image that we pursued till we see Him Face-to-face and indeed no one could see God Face-to-face unless God decided to choose from amongst human beings whom He set apart to see Him Face-to-face. Personally I was drawn into the Kingdom of Heaven in split of second and stayed with God for few seconds, and within these few seconds, the blessings and graces of God flowed into me and from that Day forth, the Mystery of God is being revealed and like Precious Dews from Heaven, He continues to break for me His Words with convictions and faiths, when I was never interested to pursue any forms of theological studies, not because I do not have opportunities, but because I do not seemed to take interest in this pursue, but God through His Holy Spirit teaches me lessons after lessons and I am able to understand what He was saying and teaching me. I am being taught by the source of theology Himself and God is the source of these immense knowledge and enlightenments. The world may judge this knowledge that are being poured and assimilated into me as secondary to those scholars and theologians are acquiring as these will come with certificates of acknowledgements in PhD, Master or Degrees or Diploma in theological studies, but I have none of these, yet the knowledge of God to me is continuous, like the flows of Living Knowledge from God alone.
Personally, when I met with God in these few seconds, I could visualize the whole Person of the Son of Man with His Huge Body covered in white long robe and long sleeves. He was with a Crown on His Head. He was the Glorious Son of Man. His Face was radiating with gentle, soft and laser-like light that filled His whole Face, so I could not see His Face, but I could see His Hair as soft curly and with the golden Light of the Kingdom of Heaven, His Hair reflected the Golden Light, but there was darker shade, look like light brown and shoulder length. His Voice was awesome and bubbling and I missed Him all the times. Therefore, this is the Image of God that all human beings, children of God and saints-to-be on earth and Purgatory should deeply desired to see and all craven images, icons, portraits and pictures are far from the beauty, glory and immensity of God’s standard of beauty, glory and perfection. Nothing that God created in their awesome and marvelous beauties truly reflect the Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Son of Man, Mother Mary, His saints and angels.)
Matthew 23:13-22
“How terrible for you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees! You hypocrites! You lock the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces, but you yourselves don’t go in, nor do you allow in those who are trying to enter!” (So here we could see the anger of God was shown through the Words of God in Jesus Christ over those who were supposed to be religious leaders and descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were supposed to continue with what the prophets and patriarchs were doing, instead they were the obstacles for the children of Israel to enter the Kingdom of God and to reach their ancestors in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, together with Moses and Elijah. Indeed the ‘shepherds’ were ‘fattening’ themselves and garners glories through their subjects and bargaining tools for themselves before the Roman Government. In Ezekiel 34:1-11 had explicitly stated what the shepherds were doing and God was very angry with these religious leaders even of Ezekiel’s time and this too was in Jesus’ time when the shepherds cared for themselves and allowed the sheep to be plundered, scattered and killed, not merely by human authorities and people, but within those who wanted to kill the people of God, were those who are instrumentals and subjects of Satan. Therefore, if there are rules and laws that do not show the Nature of God as revealed and shown by Jesus Christ, we have our duties if these are subjected to us, so that those who are now strayed, lost and walked away from the Kingdom of Heaven, will find help to get back to the Path of Truth and Life. Histories cannot be changed, but the attitudes and outlooks of human beings who are in authorities and powers including fellow human beings needed to change, so that the laws and rules will guide, help and bring those who had been hurt and wounded, back to the Flock again.)
“How terrible for you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees! You hypocrites! You sail the seas and cross whole countries to win one convert; and when you succeed, you make him twice as deserving of going to hell as you yourselves are!” (These are serious Words of God through Jesus Christ, when in these days of our times, we go through serious studies including RCIA and these brothers and sisters attended the Life in the Spirit Seminar, then being scrutinized by the priests, sacrificing their times, energies and their routines of ordinary lives to attend classes every weeks for about a year, but when they committed sins, like marriages crises and ended up as victims of divorces, so they were told not to receive Holy Communion and this would mean the rest of their lives, they have to stay outside the community. Could we seriously do something for those who were physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused within marriages instead of condemning them and alienating them from the community of which none of us is holy, pure and deserving? This warning of God is pointing to every Christian, whether we are in authorities or lay people because the opinions of the religious leaders will have adverse effects, because these are ripples from those who governed the church as leaders and shepherds, as we believed that the Words of those who are anointed and in authorities are Words of Truth and Words of God. So please do something that will progress in all Christians concerned to acknowledge that we are all sinners, and not only those who are divorce and faces crises in their marriages and are helpless to change for the better when these will involve the other parties concerned. Will these old laws and rules condoned transgressors and marriages become traps for victims who could be voiceless?)
Temple, altar and Heaven versus gold in the Temple and gifts on the altar. Here, we need to know that if we have to swear by the Temple, we are swearing to God and before His Glorious Throne with the Glorious Son of Man seated on His Throne and if we have to swear by the altar of God, we are also swearing before God and His Presence at His altar, but today whether these are Temples, Altars or Heaven; the highest is in the Kingdom of Heaven.
And when we swear before the Judge in court proceedings, we are swearing before God and His Presence in the Bible as all these were Words of God through the Holy Spirit who inspired the authors of all these holy books compiled into the Bible.
Christians who do meditations and contemplations are opening themselves to the Spirit of God through Christ by the working of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. So when we meditate and contemplate, we are opening our hearts in the pure human natures, souls and, pure human spirits sustained and nourished by God and the Spirit of Christ will flows into our hearts, souls and human spirits to nourish, replenish, restore, renew, empower and to heal us, by bringing us into Communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ which is the only Door into the Kingdom of Heaven, then in Communion with God through Jesus Christ, we will simultaneously be drawn into Communion with His saints in Heaven, saints-to-be on earth and Purgatory. So, the Holy Spirit brings the whole Family of God together although physically in this world, we are separated by colors of the skin, races and different in creeds we professed. We alienate ourselves with our fellow human beings whom God wanted to draw to Himself, as we need to know that we were not worshipping the God of Israel before we were converted to Jesus Christ. We were heathens and atheists, as we were treading to find the Path of Life. God was pursuing and looking for us and He always see and finds us, but we were too blind to see, deaf to hear and too unworthy to be found and rescued by Jesus Christ, but He ‘caught’ us when we were running away from Him in ‘nakedness’ and shames; He clothes us with His Graces, in His Love and Mercy; sanctifies and purifies us and cleansed us from any forms of defilements or sins. He brings us Home to His Holy Sanctuary in Heaven and we began to radiate with His Glory and Holiness, not because we worked hard or deserved to be saved and glorified, but our God is the Generous God and if we do not believe that He is that Generous, we indeed had treated Him with contempt and disrespect as we make mockeries of His Goodness and Natures.)
21st August 2022.
Lily Wee.


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