TWENTY-SECOND WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME, YEAR II: WEDNESDAY 1 Corinthians 3:1 ‘As a matter of fact, my brothers I could not talk to you as I talk to peopl

1 Corinthians 3:1
‘As a matter of fact, my brothers I could not talk to you as I talk to people who have the Spirit.’ (So, here, the messages and teachings of God to me are on the mysteries of God, precisely the Blessed Trinity in unity with the Glorious Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ. These teachings and messages are nonsense to those who do not the Spirit of God empowering and directing their lives.
Whenever I opened my mouth, I could not try to pretend, but it is always the mysteries of God that would come out from my mouth, so I could not try to lower myself to impart teachings that St Paul considered as ‘milk for children,’ because the Words of Truth and Life is the Mystery of God. So, some friends may just block me from their groups, because they themselves as administrators of groups could not understand the Mystery of God. Some may think that I tried to impart perverted teachings of which they themselves do not have the basic knowledge of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This C.C.C. is truly a very spiritual book with profound teachings, of which only those who are gifted with spiritual gift could comprehend. This book is indeed in the heart of God and this is a complete book for those who are progressing toward spiritual maturity. If we love this book, we are indeed already within the Kingdom of God, so we are learning and listening to God through this compiled book that have the scriptures as the foundations. When I was presented with this book, my Archbishop Emeritus Peter Chung, who wanted my teachings and writings to be Catholic based. Indeed, my calling and vocation is basically Catholic based, as the Lord had directed me to a Catholic Mission School, when He personally interfered, as according to the education department sorting of students to which school were according to the nearest school to our house. I should have gone to other government school, like ‘Batu Lintang or Green Road Secondary School’ but instead I was the only one from my class to be allocated to St Teresa’s Secondary School. Therefore, from my childhood to adolescent I joined the Baptist Church and Seven Day Adventist’s School then when I entered St Teresa, Secondary School, in Form One, I always entered the St Joseph’s Cathedral and I was sure that this is the most happy and peaceful place in comparison to my home where there were always misunderstanding between my parents. Maybe, I should have become a nun, because I was experiencing profound peace when I entered the Catholic Church and I was thinking of making this place, my home.
Therefore, my deepest desires were to find God, experience His Presence in my life and be directed and love by Him, so I found this in the Catholic Church, which I personally know that Catholic Churches are different because of the sacred Presence of God in the Tabernacle. The deeper I enter into His Presence in contemplative and meditative prayers, the more Wisdom and Knowledge are given to me, and I realized that to search for the Light and Truth is the Journey above all other journeys in life, because we could never be bored with the Knowledge and Teachings of God, although these are proclaimed over and over again, as within the hearts of those who are in love with God, through Jesus Christ, the passions and desires continued as though we are infants requiring milk from mothers. So, this was a different version of St Paul on ‘milk’ because St Paul was talking about the stages of growth in Christian journeys. But as those who desires to be like Jesus Christ, we will continue to be fed with our mother’s milk, through the Sacraments of the Church, if these are to be expounded, we will know that God is feeding His Lifegiving Spirit to all His children through His Presence and Actions in the priests whom He anointed as His servants.
Therefore, to comprehend the Mystery of God, we need God through Christ in the Holy Spirit to be enthroned in His tabernacles of our human hearts, so that His Light, Glory, and Love will shines through His Presence within our hearts. His Presence within our hearts is replenished through our unity with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ which is the Heavenly Tabernacle of God. This is the highest and supreme Tabernacles of all tabernacles where these involved the human hearts with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. When the Spirit of God is at home and enthroned in our hearts, the Blessed Trinity in unity with the Glorious Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ is within our hearts, so the Holy Spirit teaches us what we need to know about the Blessed Trinity and God’s Innermost secrets and Mysteries.
When we have these spiritual perspectives in the right places in our lives, we are at Peace with God, and there will be peace within our hearts, souls, and human spirits; so, these sanctuaries of God’s Peace and Love would flow out through the Holy Spirit to reach out to hearts, souls and human spirits that would be God’s saints in Heaven. So, the Mystery of God is His Innermost secrets of God, only to those who responded to God’s call to be His saints-to-be on earth. These are not children of God, baptized in names only, but these are Life-giving vessels of God’s Kingdom who would be His Light to the world and they will be salt of the earth, as they are set aside by God to be His bearers of Light and thus, their lives on earth are sacred and the mysteries of God are within His sacred vessels on earth.)
Luke 4:38-44
… ‘He went and stood at her bedside and ordered the fever to leave her. The fever left her, and she got up at once and began to wait on them.’ (Are we familiar with this love, compassion and focuses of God through Jesus Christ is our lives as servants of God? We surely have plenty of testimonies to reveal to others that these could not be enough spaces to write or times to reveal, as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ deeply cared and loved His apostles, disciples, and friends, like Mary, Martha and Lazarus, where in the centre of the Sacred Heart of God in Jesus Christ, their welfares were His priorities. So, too the mother-in-law of Peter and only from here, we know that Peter the head of the Apostles had a wife and family. Fever was a minor respond to biological attacks within the human bodies and fever was meant whereby the rise in temperature would defeat bacteria and viruses, but Jesus took this seriously even though this was merely a minor sickness, so does this touch us as servants of God personally? Personally, I have an autistic grandson and as so, he would sternly refuse to take medicines, so whenever he had fever, my son would use anus tablet for fever for him and I would pray over him as I saw the struggles within him, so all the times the fever left him, so too with my children. The Lord personally intervened in His servants’ families. Indeed, servants of God in families would see that God is there to be with these families and He will help us when we need Him. This does not mean that there will not be suffering or trials in our lives, instead there will be more trials, because with these trials, our faiths will grow and are strengthened. These trials become the Yoke Christ told us to share with Him. This Yoke is essential because as we lived within the Body of Christ, the Mystery of the Paschal Passion continued to repeat itself, because sins are continuously committed, so too the atonements through the Mystery of the Paschal Passion is necessary. If we love our brothers and sisters, we will share the Yoke of Christ, because we know that this Yoke continues to save human beings from our sins.)
… ‘Demons also went out from many people, screaming, ‘You are the Son of God!’ (So, here we know that the Demon was Lucifer the once powerful archangel Lucifer and although he loses the Wisdom of God as the Light and Glory of God was taken from him and his demons or angels under Lucifer, but still Satan and his devils knew much more than the wisest human beings. They have no fear for human authority, strength, and power, because they only feared God alone. Since God takes Flesh in the Son of Man, he and his devils all feared the Son of Man whom they could see as the God, Lord, Master and Creator who has the final say in everything, so when they saw Jesus Christ, they trembled in the depths of fear, but they could not avoid Jesus Christ, because their hosts or those whom they possessed were coming to Jesus Christ against the will of these demons, so they indeed acknowledged God in Jesus Christ, but as they were the rebels of the Kingdom of Heaven, they were likened to ‘rats caught in cages’ and could not save or hide themselves from the Presence, Light and Glory of God in the Son of Man. They could see clearly the Presence of God within the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, while human beings were blind and ignorant. This is true yesterday, today, and tomorrow, as Satan and his devils reside within the sinful hearts, natures and human spirits of human beings, so they could see God in other human beings, so too they could see their friends or devils in other human beings. If we refused to know the theologies of our bodies as spiritual vessels of God on earth, then we are blind while the Devil could see what transpired within human hearts, thoughts, and plans. They could trap us in surprise while we may think that we had been vigilant all these whiles, but rejecting the Mystery of God or His secrets, by rejecting the Holy Spirit, we are indeed deceiving ourselves to the triumph of Satan in our lives.)
… “I must preach the Good News about the Kingdom of God in other towns also, because that is what God sent Me to do.” (Here, we could be amazed by what Jesus Christ was saying; whereby as children of this world, we could be tempted to focus on areas that would be fruitful for the Gospels to be spread, but we know that Jesus Christ came not merely for the Jews, but for the whole human race, starting from the Jews and Jerusalem; these were meant to be spread to Samaria, nearby towns and villages, then these Good News must spread far from the Land of Canaan, as salvation is for humanity, because all human beings have their origins only in God alone, so these are meant to be given equal graces to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Inter-culturation would involve putting God through Christ in the centre of the cultures of those whom the Gospels were spread, without nullifying or rejecting their traditional ways of worshipping, so instead of pagan gods that used to be the centre of their worship; God through Christ steps into the sacred rituals of their cultures, as pagans and those who had not believe in the God of Israel, who alone is the Lord, God, Master, and Creator of the whole universe in His Kingdom on earth.)
30th August 2022.
Lily Wee.


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