1. Drachenfutter Rämond

    What is the purpose of baptism?

  2. Jack Williams


  3. Joni Eksund Willette

    Amen ❣️ 🙏

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  5. Mambi  Mambi

    Which chapter of the Bible is this?

  6. Malek Eldaifi

    A doctor, a Christian, an American converts to Islam and says:
    Islam forbids things that lead to illness, despair, problems and difficulties in life.
    Dr. Teresa was trying to convert her “Muslim” counterpart, so she delivered the Shahada and announced her conversion to Islam.
    After his conversion to Islam, he said: I knew that a person in Islam would be responsible for everything before God, and it scared me.
    I found in Islam logical answers to everything.
    I decided to convert to Islam knowing that everything would be in my favor if I did everything God commanded and avoided everything he forbade.
    The hardest phase is the one where you have to admit that the religion you followed all your life was not the true religion.
    It is the stage of obstinacy, shame and stubbornness. It’s the stubbornness phase. It lasted two or three weeks and I was stubborn. I doubted. I was wondering if I should change. I was worried about the issue of reckoning. on the Day of Resurrection.
    I wondered: Will I miss anything if I embrace Islam and the account of the Day of Resurrection is not real, and Heaven and Hell are unreal?
    The answer is my life in Islam, but it would be better
    So I asked myself: will I lose anything if I reject Islam?
    Answer: I found that I would lose a lot if I rejected Islam
    I found the taboos of Islam to be logical, the things that Islam has forbidden are logical, Islam forbids the things that lead to illness, despair, problems and difficulties in life. As for Islam’s legislation on prayer, fasting, charity towards the poor and maintaining family relationships are all restrictions because of a truth, and this matter seemed logical to me.
    I saw in Islam a complete, integrated and virtuous group, suited to my personal life and that positively impacted my neighbors, friends and acquaintances. The influence of Islam extends and most importantly (the afterlife). In the end, I realized that if I rejected Islam, I would lose everything and liberation

  7. Brittany M Craig

    Amen thank you Jesus I love you

  8. Olivia Brown

    In the name of baby Jesus. 👑 Of God, thru faith. ❤ Thank you heavenly father. Amen 🙏

  9. Lisa Hickman

    Praise and glory to God.

  10. Breanna Nicole Spisak

    Baptism gives us three specific gifts: the forgiveness of our sins, faith in our Savior, and eternal life in heaven. God reaches down to us through baptism in a physical way.


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